7 Best Bench Grinder for Sharpening Chisels in 2021

Handymen all over the world have great use for bench grinders, especially if the work they do has the use of chisels and woodturning tools. These tools need to be sharp, so it can work properly and carve and shape woods or other hard material with ease. Now, what do you need to ensure this?

Of course, you will need the best bench grinder for sharpening chisels! If you don’t know which grinder is the best, then you have come to the right place because I am going to give you all the details you need to pick out the best one.

Let’s find out more about the best bench grinder for sharpening wood chisels, lathe tools and gouges.

Top Bench Grinder for Sharpening Chisels and Lathe Tools Comparison Chart

Product Name




RIKON 80-808 Low Speed Bench Grinder

54 pounds

BUCKTOOL Dual Speed Bench Grinder

44.8 pounds

Jet IBG-8VS 8" Variable Speed Ind Grinder

65 pounds

WEN 4286 Slow Speed Bench Grinder

8 pounds

Delta Power Tools 23-196 6-Inch Variable Speed Bench Grinder

29.2 pounds

7 Best Bench Grinder for Sharpening Chisels & Woodturning Tools Review

In order for you to get the best output from your chisels and woodturning tools, a very good bench grinder is needed so that it can be kept in shape for a long time. Read this section to discover more about these tools.

1. RIKON Power Tools 80-808 Bench Grinder – Best Slow speed Bench Grinder for Sharpening Chisels

When talking about a bench grinder, we have to start off with RIKON. They have some of the best power tools you will find. Over time they have perfected the art of making tools such as grinders, and the quality of output shows how far they have come.

Starting off with the making of the bench grinder, the base has rubber feet installed. This is a big advantage as the rubber at the bottom limits all forms of movement. Not only that, but you will also feel a considerably lower amount of vibration while it’s at work.

And when working with power tools such as this, it is very important to make sure proper safety is available. There are many scopes to an accident. Here, there is a metal wheel guard that prevents anything bad from happening to you while sharpening chisels & woodturning lathe tools.

You will also be getting a place where you can install a dust collector; this will make your workspace cleaner, and you will not have to spend hours clearing out the mess later on.

The next feature which makes this bench grinder a very good option is the set of 2.5x magnifying eye shield. This is a requirement when you are working with grinders. You need to keep your eyes safe from all the debris flying in all directions, and along with that, they will allow you to see better.


  • Highly durable
  • Does a great job of sharpening chisels and woodturning tools
  • Has LED work light for convenience
  • The bearing of the motor is stable


  • The stones need to be changed as they are not very good
  • The tool rest needs more work

2. BUCKTOOL 8-Inch Bench Grinder – Best for the Money

When you are looking for the perfect balance of affordable, good quality, and high performance, then you cannot go wrong with Bucktool. They make some of the best power tools, bench grinders in particular, which are sure to win your heart.

One of the key features of this bench grinder is this ½ HP dual speed motor. This is not something commonly found in different grinders, but it is sure to make your work much better. The result will be a well-sharpened chisel made to create perfect outputs.

The grinder has wheels of two different grits. This is essential as different roughness will result in a different kind of finish. The 80 grit will be courser, and therefore, will take away more metal and sharpen. Whereas the 120 grit wheel will smooth things over.

Now, the tool is aligned in such a way that it can reach all angles, and not only that, the positioning of the wheels is essential in the wearing. So, not only will it be easier to work with this bench grinder, but it will also last you a long time.

And lastly, we have the base of the tool. You want them to be very sturdy, so there is no additional movement when you’re working. That is just what you will be getting from the cast iron base. The base will be fixed in place, and there is little chance of having an accident.


  • Can be used for sharpening as well as polishing
  • The wheels do not need to be replaced very often
  • Easy to install
  • Highly durable


  • The shaft is, at times, not according to specifications
  • At times the tool might have a problem getting power

3. Jet IBG-8VS 8” Ind Grinder – Best Variable Speed Bench Grinder

Jet is said to be one of the best power tool makers in the industry. They have made a name for themselves among their customers because of the great outcome people can see after each use. You, too, will realize how good it is after you use it for some time.

The tool is made of cast iron, which makes this very sturdy and therefore safe. Some grinders are not heavy enough, which is why there is a chance for movement. With the cast iron body, you are not going to deal with the issue. Even though it is on the heavier side, you will be able to fit this anywhere.

There are brake resistors installed into the bench grinder. The primary use of this is its ability to have rapid wheel stoppage. This will limit the number of errors you make while working with the bench grinder. And along with that, your turning tools look and work better.

A very important feature of the Jet bench grinder is the options for speed. Not all grinders have this setting, but it is very important as it can have a huge impact on the finish of the sharpening tool. Along with that, the options for speed will give you a lot of control over the machine, which will leave you with great output.


  • Good quality material used for body
  • Highly durable
  • Saves time while at work
  • Can go from 3600 RPM speed to 0 in 20 seconds


  • Heavier than other bench grinders

4. WEN 4286 3-AMP 8-Inch Slow Speed Bench Grinder

In our modern-day and age, it is very important to buy tools that are going to make our lives easier. If you use the WEN bench grinder, then time isn’t something you have to worry about. It will allow you to get the best possible outcome in the shortest time.

And in power tools, the motor is very important. That is because it determines how the tool is going to perform and what its capacity is. The WEN slow speed grinder has a 3 Amp motor. That is more than what you’re going to need to sharpen your chisels to perfection.

The next thing to make a note of about this bench grinder is the size of the wheels. It is 8 inches in size, which is perfect for sharpening chisels of all sizes without a problem. Not only is the wheel just the right length, but the whole tool is also very compact. Meaning it will not take up a lot of space in your workstation.

This comes with wheels of two different grits. Having options in this is very important as you will be able to do a better sharpening job. The 60 girt wheel is rough, so it will be able to sharpen even the dullest chisels. And the 120 grit is more for an overall finishing job to smooth things over.


  • Allows work to be done very quickly
  • Sharpens chisels perfectly
  • Can be used for other tools as well
  • Stable and sturdy


  • Does not allow the user to take control
  • The after-sales service is not good

5. Delta Power Tools 23-196 6-Inch Variable Speed Bench Grinder

All the people who own or have previously owned a power tool from Delta Power tools will know that the things they manufacture are some of the best and most well rounded. They are not only great for sharpening chisels, but they are also good for sharpening other tools you have in your workstation.

The number one reason why people like the Delta Power Tools bench grinder is that it gives you control over the speed. This is a very important feature people tend to use very often when they are working with bench grinders. Many brands don’t add this at all or do not pay enough attention to it.

Since you can change the speed of the wheels, you will be able to control the whole process very closely.

Now, the motor built into this bench grinder is also very good. The motor is powerful; you will be able to sharpen larger chisels without breaking a sweat. The machine is going to do all the work to absolute perfection.

And lastly, you are given a choice between wheels of different grits. This is essential to not only sharpen the chisel, but it is required after sharpening.


  • The sharpening job will be quicker with a higher speed
  • More precise than other grinders
  • Very safe for the user
  • The motor is of great quality, so it runs for a long time


  • There isn’t much versatility in this tool

6. Rikon Professional Power Tools, 80-805 8” Slow Speed Bench Grinder

We have already mentioned before that Rikon is probably one of the best options you will be presented with. They have a wide range of tools to choose from, and each one of them is excellent at their jobs.

This bench grinder from Rikon is a little different from the one we previously mentioned in the very beginning, but both are equally good. This is a slow speed option, so the output with this one will be a little different.

Now, why should you get this bench grinder? The material used to make this is top of the line, meaning all the components are the best. You will be able to use this for a very long time without facing any problems, which in my books is a good reason for getting the grinder.

The tool is very powerful. Therefore, you should be able to sharpen even the toughest chisels with this bench grinder. But that does not make it unsafe. This has been made in such a way that it would stay fixed in place with minimum vibration while at work.

And lastly, the slow speed bench grinder stays cool. When we work with power tools, one of the most common scenes is to see them heating up after some use. That is not something you have to worry about when using this.


  • Can use this grinder to sharpen many different tools
  • The motor is powerful as well as durable
  • The price aligns well with the quality and output
  • Great after-sales services


  • No option to adjust the speed
  • Angles cannot be changed easily

7. Shop Fox W1840 Variable-speed Grinder with Work Light

There are a number of things we look for in our bench grinder, and one tool which has them all is the Shop Fox W1840. The features this provides the users are spot on and deliver the best output. And the first feature most people are stoked about is the option to adjust the speed.

This option enables you to control the machine to your liking and comfort. Meaning you will be able to produce whatever output you want. This leads to a cleaner job. And the next thing you will love about the bench grinder is the number of grit options it has.

The lower the number of grit, the rougher it is, so it can do a good job sharpening. Also, the wheel with higher grit is the best for smoothing rough edges and polishing. Both the options are available in this.

It comes with a disabling key for the on and off switch. This is mainly for safety reasons. If you disable the on and off switch, you will not have to worry about unauthorized use. This is especially needed if you have kids near your workstation or have someone new working for you.


  • Very easy to use
  • Can be installed in a very short time
  • Allows you control over the task at hand
  • The motor is powerful enough to sharpen a variety of items


  • Can be a little time consuming sometimes

What to Look before Buying

Now that the review part is done, let us put the focus on what to look for before we make the purchase. Certain factors have to be taken into consideration, which we will be discussing in the section down below.

Types of Bench Grinders

There are three main kinds of bench grinders that we can find in the market.

  • Standard Variable Speed Grinder

If you choose this particular one, then you will be able to do a variety of tasks as it is very versatile. They are capable of completing any work with precision and are themselves very durable. Since you can use various grinding wheels with this one, doing different projects just becomes really easy.

The speed and precision can be changed according to your needs. This one is the way to go if you are confused between the rest.

  • Woodworking Grinder

If you need to smoothen up the blunt edges from a surface, take a look at this grinder. Not only can it sharpen surfaces, but it is also used to grind wood. They are a great option when you have to do your task with precision. This precision is enabled by the low speed the grinder possesses.

  • Automotive Bench Grinder

An automotive bench grinder is utilized when one needs to shape up metal items. They are also good if you want to pair them up with a cutting tool. The stability of this grinder is out of this world and is quite famous for that aspect.


Your options here are vast. Good grinders can be found in an affordable and as well as expensive pricing. Both of them do a great job if you pick out from a trustable brand. So, you are free to pick one out that fits your budget just fine.

Type of Wheel

To sharpen chisels, it would be wise for you to shop for a grinder that features straight wheels. It is tapered, and this is perfect when the project in hand has to be dealt with delicately. Saucer wheels should be used when you need to sharpen up saw blades.

Size of Wheel

There are two options here. You will be able to get most of your job done with 6-inch wheels. But if you intend to sharpen chisels, that too properly, you might want to get 8-inch wheels. A 6-inch one isn’t very powerful to do the task right, whereas the 8-inch one will allow you to do so.

Changeable Speed Knob

This is a very important feature to have if you want to do an array of tasks. If you can adjust your speed, you will be able to do projects more smoothly and with more accuracy. The adjustable speed knob feature is not present in the maximum number of grinders in the business.

But if your task needs uniform speed, then this feature might not be absolutely essential for you.

Wheel Dresser

Wheel dressers are not really common and don’t tag along with the grinder. But it is always nice to find one of those. You will be able to quickly reshape and tidy up your wheel while working. Therefore, the overall control and precision will increase by a notch. This will also result in a smoother application.

Wheel Guard

You should definitely get a grinder with a wheel guard as it makes sure that the wheel remains in place while you are putting it to use. Cracking of the wheel is prevented like this. Get a guard that would be able to rotate and move the wheel easily.

Quench or Cooling Tray

This cools down your grinder when you are operating it. Grinders tend to overheat when in action. To avoid overheating, place this right at the bottom of the grinder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best bench grinder for sharpening:

Can you sharpen chisels on a bench grinder?

Yes, of course, you can sharpen chisels on a bench grinder.

Slow speed vs. high-speed bench grinder – which is better?

There is no definitive answer for this one. It really depends on what sort of work you have in hand. If you need to do something with accuracy, you should get a slow speed machine.
So, for sharpening, a slow speed is better. A high-speed bench grinder can complete projects more quickly; therefore, you will not tire so easily. But this does generate a lot of heat. In that case, a cooling tray might come in aid.

6” vs. 8” bench grinder – which is the right size for sharpening?

While you can do a lot of work with a 6-inch wheel, but it is really not ideal for sharpening. It does not possess the necessary amount of power that is needed to sharpen up a chisel. An 8-inch bench grinder, on the other hand, will be able to do it smoothly, thanks to its bigger dimensions and better power output.

How sharp should a wood chisel be?

It is imperative to have a finely sharpened wood chisel. And it should be sharp enough to shave and cut the rough surfaces. This should also be adept at cutting corners and at removing the glue. If it is not very sharp, the chisel will be rendered useless. So, it should be razor-sharp to carry out its tasks perfectly.

What is a CBN grinding wheel?

CBN stands for cubic boron nitride, and it is known to be among the hardest materials on earth. As a matter of fact, this comes right after diamonds on the list. A CBN grinding wheel will resist the abrasion of high amount and as well as thermal conductivity. Due to this, the cutting edges of the wheel stays sharp.

Final Words

Chisels and turning tools are a necessity in almost any toolbox. And really, if it is not sharp, you might as well throw it out of your kit. From cutting and scraping off edges and surfaces to removing glue, everything is done with these tools.

Well, the best bench grinder for sharpening chisels would keep your items in shape and readily useable.

We have presented plenty of options for you above. You can pick out anyone, and you will be happy with your decision.

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