Where To Get Ash Wood Spiritfarer?

Looking for Ash Wood in Spiritfarer? Look no further! We have all the information you need to find this valuable resource. Ash Wood is a key component in crafting and upgrading in Spiritfarer, and it can be found in specific locations throughout the game world. With our guide, you’ll know exactly where to look and how to acquire Ash Wood, allowing you to progress in the game with ease. So, let’s dive in and discover where to get Ash Wood in Spiritfarer!

where to get ash wood spiritfarer

Online Stores for Ash Wood in Spiritfarer Game

If you’re playing the popular game Spiritfarer and in need of Ash Wood, you’re in luck! Ash Wood is a valuable resource in the game that is used for crafting various items and upgrades. While you can find Ash Wood in the game by exploring different islands and cutting down trees, sometimes it can be a bit challenging to gather enough of it. That’s where online stores come in handy!

There are several online stores where you can purchase Ash Wood in Spiritfarer. These stores provide a convenient and reliable way to acquire the resource without having to spend hours searching for it in the game. Here are some popular online stores that offer Ash Wood:

1. Spiritfarer Official Store

The Spiritfarer Official Store is the official merchandise store for the game. Along with various merchandise items, the store also offers in-game resources like Ash Wood. You can visit their website and browse through their collection of resources to find Ash Wood and purchase it directly from the store. This is a great option if you want to support the developers and get authentic in-game items.

2. Gaming Keyboards Online

Gaming Keyboards Online is a well-known online store that focuses on gaming accessories and resources. They have a dedicated section for Spiritfarer resources, including Ash Wood. You can easily find Ash Wood in their store, add it to your cart, and complete the purchase. The store provides a user-friendly interface and secure payment options.

3. Game Marketplace Platforms

There are also various game marketplace platforms that allow players to buy and sell in-game resources. These platforms act as a marketplace for players to trade resources with each other. You can search for Ash Wood on these platforms and find sellers who are offering it for sale. Make sure to check the reputation and reviews of the seller before making a purchase to ensure a smooth transaction.

In summary, if you’re in need of Ash Wood in Spiritfarer, online stores provide a convenient solution. Whether you choose to purchase from the official store, gaming accessory stores, or game marketplace platforms, you can easily find and buy Ash Wood without the hassle of searching for it in the game. Explore these online options and enhance your Spiritfarer gameplay!

Finding High-Quality Ash Wood for Spiritfarer Crafting

If you are an avid player of the popular indie game, Spiritfarer, you know the importance of finding high-quality materials for crafting. One such material is Ash Wood, a versatile resource used in various crafting recipes. In this section, we will explore different methods and tips to help you find high-quality Ash Wood in Spiritfarer.

1. Exploring Islands

One of the primary ways to acquire Ash Wood is by exploring different islands in the game. Each island in Spiritfarer has unique resources, including trees that yield different types of wood. To find Ash Wood, keep an eye out for trees with grayish bark and green leaves.

While exploring the islands, make sure to interact with every tree you come across. By shaking trees, you have a chance of obtaining Ash Wood. However, keep in mind that not every tree will yield this specific type of wood, so you may need to explore multiple islands to find a sufficient amount.

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2. Utilizing Spirit Abilities

In Spiritfarer, you play as a Spiritfarer – a being capable of helping spirits transition to the afterlife. Each spirit companion possesses unique abilities that can assist you in various tasks, including gathering resources like Ash Wood.

Some spirits have abilities that can enhance the yield of wood when interacting with trees. For example, activating Stanley’s ability allows you to shake trees more effectively, increasing the chances of obtaining Ash Wood. Experiment with different spirit companions and their abilities to maximize your wood collection efforts.

3. Trading with NPCs

Aside from gathering Ash Wood through exploration, another method is to trade with Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) you encounter in Spiritfarer. NPCs may offer resources, including Ash Wood, in exchange for various items or currencies.

Make sure to keep an eye out for NPCs who specialize in trading wooden materials. They can be found on specific islands or even on your own ship. By interacting and fulfilling their requests, you can obtain Ash Wood and other valuable resources.

4. Upgrading the Sawmill

The Sawmill is an essential structure in Spiritfarer that allows you to process raw wood into refined materials, including Ash Planks. By upgrading the Sawmill, you not only unlock new crafting recipes but also increase your chances of obtaining high-quality Ash Wood.

Investing Glims, the in-game currency, into upgrading the Sawmill will improve its efficiency and overall yield. With a fully upgraded Sawmill, you can maximize your potential to obtain high-quality Ash Wood from regular wood harvested on various islands.

5. Fishing for Ash Trees

Yes, you read it right – fishing for Ash Trees. Spiritfarer provides a unique twist by allowing you to fish for trees, thereby obtaining Ash Wood. To do this, you need to acquire the Ash Tree seed, which can be obtained through various means, including purchasing from NPCs or completing specific quests.

Once you have the Ash Tree seed, find a suitable fishing spot in calm waters, preferably near your ship or on specific islands. Cast your fishing line and wait for the magic to happen. With some luck, you may hook an Ash Tree, providing you with a significant amount of Ash Wood.


Finding high-quality Ash Wood in Spiritfarer is crucial for crafting various items and progressing in the game. By exploring islands, utilizing spirit abilities, trading with NPCs, upgrading the Sawmill, and even fishing for Ash Trees, you can increase your chances of obtaining this valuable resource. Remember to keep an eye out for Ash Wood-specific trees, interact with spirits for assistance, and make use of the game’s unique mechanics to enhance your wood collection efforts. Now, go forth and craft to your heart’s content in Spiritfarer!

Local Shops and Markets to Buy Ash Wood for Spiritfarer

If you are playing the popular indie game Spiritfarer and in need of ash wood, you may be wondering where you can find it locally. Ash wood is an essential resource in the game, used for crafting and building various structures and items. While the game provides several ways to obtain ash wood, including chopping down trees on various islands, sometimes you may want to explore local shops and markets to acquire this valuable material.

1. Carpenter’s Workshop

One of the first places you should check is the Carpenter’s Workshop. This is a common establishment found in most towns and cities within Spiritfarer. The Carpenter’s Workshop usually stocks a variety of wood types, including ash wood. Simply visit the workshop and inquire about their stock. They may have ash wood available for purchase, and if not, they could offer to place a custom order for you.

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2. General Stores

General stores are another excellent option for finding ash wood. These stores typically carry a wide range of supplies and materials, including various types of wood. Pay a visit to the general stores in different towns and cities in Spiritfarer, and ask the shopkeepers if they have ash wood in stock. Be prepared to browse through their inventory carefully, as ash wood may not always be prominently displayed.

3. Local Markets

If you prefer a more vibrant shopping experience, check out the local markets in the game. These bustling hubs of activity often have a diverse range of goods and materials available for sale, including ash wood. Wander through the market stalls and look for vendors selling wood or construction materials. Approach them and ask if they have ash wood in stock. The advantage of shopping at markets is that you can often find unique and rare items that may not be available elsewhere.

4. Trading Posts

Spiritfarer’s world is filled with various islands, some of which are home to trading posts. These posts act as a hub for trading goods and resources between different islands. Visit a trading post and speak with the trader to inquire about ash wood. They may have some available for trade or could possibly direct you to another location where you can find it. Trading posts can be a great way to exchange items you no longer need for ash wood or other valuable resources.

5. Local Woodcutter

Lastly, consider seeking out a local woodcutter. These skilled artisans are often found in rural areas and specialize in crafting and working with different types of wood. They may have a supply of ash wood or be able to direct you to a specific location where you can find it. Take some time to explore the game’s various islands, and you may stumble upon a woodcutter’s workshop tucked away in a secluded spot.

In summary, if you are looking to buy ash wood for your adventures in Spiritfarer, there are several local options available to you. Check out the Carpenter’s Workshop, general stores, local markets, trading posts, and keep an eye out for woodcutters during your explorations. With a little bit of searching and persistence, you will surely be able to find the ash wood you need to progress in the game.

Tips for Obtaining Ash Wood in Spiritfarer Game

In Spiritfarer, a charming indie game where players take on the role of a Spiritfarer tasked with helping spirits pass on to the afterlife, gathering resources is an essential part of the gameplay. One of the resources that players often need to obtain is Ash Wood. Ash Wood is used to upgrade buildings, craft furniture, and complete various quests. If you’re struggling to find Ash Wood in the game, here are some tips to help you gather this valuable resource more efficiently.

1. Explore New Islands

The world of Spiritfarer is vast and filled with different islands to discover. Each island offers unique resources, including Ash Wood. To increase your chances of finding Ash Wood, make sure to explore new islands whenever possible. Use your ship’s map to identify unexplored regions and set sail to uncover hidden treasures.

2. Plant Ash Trees on Your Ship

To ensure a steady supply of Ash Wood, consider planting Ash Trees on your ship. Ash Trees can be grown by acquiring Ash Seeds and using the Garden upgrade on your ship. Once the trees mature, you can harvest them to obtain Ash Wood. This method not only provides a renewable source of Ash Wood but also adds a touch of nature to your vessel.

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3. Complete Spirit Requests

Throughout your journey as a Spiritfarer, you will encounter various spirits with their unique stories and needs. Some spirits may request specific resources, including Ash Wood. Fulfilling these requests not only helps you progress in the game but also rewards you with valuable resources, such as Ash Wood. Pay attention to the spirits’ dialogues and complete their quests to receive generous amounts of Ash Wood in return.

4. Fishing

Believe it or not, fishing can be a fruitful way to obtain Ash Wood in Spiritfarer. Certain fish, such as the Thundering Dace and the Silver Dragon, have a chance of dropping Ash Wood when caught. Upgrade your fishing capabilities by obtaining better rods and lures, and spend some time casting your line in different fishing spots to increase your chances of finding Ash Wood through this method.

5. Trade with Other Characters

In Spiritfarer, you’ll come across various characters who are willing to trade their goods for something you possess. Some characters might be interested in exchanging Ash Wood for different resources or items. Pay attention to their needs and initiate trades to obtain Ash Wood. Building relationships with these characters can open up new trading opportunities and make gathering Ash Wood easier.

With these tips in mind, you should be well-equipped to gather Ash Wood efficiently in Spiritfarer. Remember to explore new islands, plant Ash Trees on your ship, complete spirit requests, try your luck with fishing, and keep an eye out for trading opportunities. By utilizing these strategies, you’ll have an abundant supply of Ash Wood to fuel your progress in the game and continue your journey as a Spiritfarer.


1. Where can I find Ash Wood in Spiritfarer?

Ash Wood can be obtained by cutting down Ash Trees found in various locations throughout the Spiritfarer world. Look for Ash Trees on islands or use your ship’s map to locate them. Once you find an Ash Tree, use your axe to chop it down and collect the Ash Wood.

2. What is Ash Wood used for in Spiritfarer?

Ash Wood is a valuable resource in Spiritfarer that is used for crafting various items and upgrades. It is particularly useful for building and upgrading structures on your ship, such as the Smithy or the Garden. You will also need Ash Wood for certain quests and requests from other characters.

3. Can I buy Ash Wood in Spiritfarer?

No, Ash Wood cannot be bought from any merchant or vendor in Spiritfarer. You can only obtain Ash Wood by cutting down Ash Trees yourself. Make sure to explore different islands and keep an eye out for Ash Trees to gather this resource.


In conclusion, finding ash wood in the game Spiritfarer can be a challenging task. However, with careful exploration and thorough search, players can discover various locations where ash wood can be obtained. Keep an eye out for trees with ashen bark and explore islands with abundant flora and vegetation. Additionally, interacting with other characters and completing quests may also provide opportunities to acquire ash wood. So, embark on your adventure, remain diligent in your search, and soon you’ll be able to gather the precious ash wood needed for crafting in Spiritfarer.

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