5 Best Lock Miter Router Bit Reviews [Buying Guide for 2023]

Professional or passionate, every woodworker is an artist; that’s no secret. But without the right tool, you won’t be able to create a masterpiece, will you?

So, to give unique shapes to your workpieces, you’ll need the best lock miter router bit. Otherwise, the task will become tougher and exhausting. But don’t worry; I’m here to the rescue!

best lock miter router bit

After weeks of working finger to the bone, I’ve found 5 lock miter router bits that will make your job easier. They come with the sharpest edges, heavy-duty built, anti-kickback design, and can cut through woods like butter!

So, allow me to introduce you to my champions. Don’t worry; we’ll be done in minutes!

Top 5 Lock Miter Router Bits Comparison Table


Product Name




Freud Lock Miter Router Bit


‎11.5 Ounces

Baowox 45 Degree Lock Miter Router bit

Solid Hardened Steel

‎1.2 Pounds

Whiteside Lock Miter Bit


‎4 Ounces

TOOLDO 45° Lock Miter Bit


‎1.36 Pounds

NITOMAK Lock Miter Router Bit


Best Lock Miter Router Bit Reviews

There are thousands of lock miter routers out there. Hence, finding out the top ones wasn’t that easy, but somehow, I managed to do that. Well, thank me later!

Here are my reviews for the most amazing router bits that will make your work effortless. So, if you want to cut some slacks, picking a product from this list will be the brightest idea!

1. Freud Lock Miter Bit

The first lock miter router bit in my list is by Freud, and it is one of the most reliable choices you can make. I know you may think I am exaggerating but let me explain first!

To make this whole thing super durable, it is made with carbide bits and a titanium finish. Therefore, you can work on any wood you want. From softwood to plywood, everything will be shaped in a breath without any trouble.

One of the most amazing things about this woodworking tool is that you can use it for precision work. Moreover, it can be used for cutting vertically or horizontally, so top marks for convenience!

If you want your workpieces to last forever, this router bit will be the ideal choice for you. It will create the toughest interlocking joints, which will give top-notch integrity to your creation.

And to make things more delightful, it offers compatibility to CNC, automatic, and table-mounted routers. Moreover, it is available in tons of different sizes, and that’s quite impressive!

Thanks to its computer-balanced design, you won’t feel much vibration on your wood pieces. This way, you will have the safest experience in your workshop.

From high-quality build to versatility, the Freud lock miter router bit has everything you need to create a work of genius. Hence, you can get this one to see your money well-invested.


  • Offers compatibility with a wide range of routers
  • Computer balanced design ensures less vibration
  • Available in many sizes for convenience
  • Carbide bits can cut through any composite material


  • You may need to sharpen it after a few uses
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2. Baowox 45 Degree Lock Miter Router Bit

Do you want to get a lock miter bit that comes with high-end construction and a reasonable price, this Baowox one will be the perfect addition to your toolbox.

These are 45-degree router bits that come with hardened steel construction. Thanks to their heavyweight built, you can use them for working on any projects without any hesitation.

And yes, you will find many different sizes of this router bit, making it more convenient than ever. Moreover, they come within an affordable price range; hence, anyone can purchase them without any trouble.

To provide a fuss-free service, this router bit has been made with an anti-kickback design. As a result, you will have stable work experience, which is good news for beginners.

On top of everything, the carbide blades make it eligible for cutting tougher woods. With this tool, you can work on solid wood, MDF, and chipboard without any hitches.

Despite being inexpensive, this router bit will create some strong and correctly aligned joints pretty effortlessly. Thus, you can get this one for a breezy experience while working on your masterpiece.


  • Robust carbide blades cut every wood smoothly
  • Comes with an anti-kickback design for a balanced performance
  • Available in different sizes for convenience
  • Hardened steel construction offers enhanced durability


  • The installation process is a little complicated
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3. Whiteside Lock Miter Bit (3362)

If you mostly work on heavy-duty workpieces and looking for a super reliable router bit, you can take a look at this one by Whiteside. As it is made for industrial works, you will enjoy a long-lasting service without any doubt!

This router bit is the epitome of top-tier craftsmanship; there is no doubt about that. It is outstandingly hard-wearing, super-efficient, and easy to install. What else do we need?

Thanks to the anti-kickback design, you will get a well-balanced performance. Moreover, it can tolerate high RPMs, so you can cut through any dense wood with it.

However, this lock miter router bit is a bit larger and heavyweight. Therefore, if you are working on a time-consuming tough job, this will make your experience quite effortless.

To ensure a trustworthy service, it is made with carbide blades and reinforced steel construction. For this reason, you won’t have to worry about its durability anymore. But this one is suitable only for a table-top router, so keep that in mind before purchasing it.


  • Comes with heavy-duty reinforced steel construction for reliability
  • Boasts carbide blades for cutting dense wood pieces
  • Can withstand high RPM
  • Anti-kickback design ensures balanced performance


  • Only suitable for table-top routers
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4. TOOLDO 45° Lock Miter Bit

When you are looking for a lock miter router bit that will go with any machine, this one by TOOLDO will be your best buddy. Besides offering amazing versatility, it will ensure long-lasting service. Isn’t that admirable?

The most innovative fact about this woodworking tool is that it comes with advanced shear cutting technology. As a result, you will enjoy enhanced speed and a heavy-duty woodcutting experience. So, if you are into tough jobs, this one will be your right hand in the workshop.

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In addition, it is designed with inclined angles for cutting wood chips pretty smoothly. Moreover, this router bit can cut through any wood, from plywood to MDF. Well, that’s praiseworthy!

When it comes to precise woodwork, this router bit will be the perfect thing for the task. It will ensure accurate alignment of the joints, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of your work.

If you want to create a 90-degree angle with an interlocking profile, this tool will allow you to do that smoothly. This router bit is suitable for amateurs to professionals, which makes it super popular out there.

I really love that it comes with hard-wearing carbide-tipped bits. Thanks to this feature, cutting through dense wood with amazingly fast speed is possible.

Wait, did I tell you it is available in various sizes too? Well, you are getting a whole package with this one, so don’t miss it!


  • Carbide-tipped design ensures a smooth cutting experience
  • Suitable for making perfect joint alignments
  • Can cut through any woods
  • Innovative shear technology makes it highly durable


  • The installation is a bit tricky
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5. Lock Miter Router Bit by NITOMAK

Last but not least, let me introduce you to the NITOMAK lock miter router bit. As it comes with industrial-grade construction, you will have the time of your life while working on your projects.

This 45-degree lock miter router bit is made with sharp edges to increase your work efficiency. Even when you are cutting the most stubborn piece of wood, you will feel no struggle whatsoever!

Additionally, the hard-wearing carbide construction ensures that the router bit doesn’t chip while working. Therefore, once you get this product, you won’t have to buy another one in a long time!

On top of everything, the sharp bit comes with a protective coating to prevent buildups. This feature also makes it eligible for withstanding heavy abuse. Hence, when you are a professional woodworker or have a big project in mind, this router bit will be ideal for you.

Thanks to its anti-kickback design, you don’t have to worry about losing balance in the middle of your work. Furthermore, it can smoothly cut through acrylic, MDF, plywood, and many more material to make things easier for you.

I really admire the fact that it is compatible with any router out there. Yes, you can use it for CNC, automatic, or table-top routers without any hassle.

When I saw this one, I knew that it is an all-rounder product that offers a greater value for the money. And if you want to spend quality time with your workpieces, consider this one for an optimal experience.


  • Comes with carbide construction to cut dense workpieces
  • Offers protective coating for enhanced durability and damage prevention
  • The anti-kickback design ensures a stable performance
  • Eligible for most types of routers


  • Only comes in single-shank size

Lock Miter Router Bit Buying Guide

Though I have suggested the top products, you need to find the one that works best for you. And so, you should know about the factors that make them suitable for your task.

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Here is a simple buying guide for you, which will make you the smartest shopper for getting a lock miter router bit.


While working on different projects, you will have to work with many types of woods. Therefore, you need to ensure that the miter lock router bit you choose is perfect for your task.

Some tools are made for cutting thinner pieces. And if you use them for cutting any dense wood, it won’t be able to take the pressure.

Hence, always pick a router bit that can cut tougher workpieces smoothly. Otherwise, you will end up ruining your workpiece, and you don’t want that after all the hard work.


If the blades are sharper, you can slice any workpiece like butter. Hence, you should go for the high-grade carbide blades for an optimal experience.

Carbide-tipped bits are known for their heavy-duty and reliable service. So, when you are looking forward to enjoying your works, make sure you are getting the sharpest edges to have a breezy work session!


You don’t know what size of router bit you may need for future projects. Thus, choose a product that offers you plenty of sizes. In this way, you can easily get your desirable diameter and finish your pieces without any hitches.


When you are spending money on something, you want to get the best out of it, won’t you?

If so, you should purchase a router bit that is suitable for cutting different types of wood. Some tools can only be used for a specific material. If you get those, you won’t be able to use the router bit all the time.

Hence, before you hit the confirm button, check if the tool can be used for different woods or not. Otherwise, it will be sitting idle on your toolbox, and you don’t want that!


As a professional or passionate woodworker, you may have a different router in your workshop or thinking about getting them in the future. In that case, you should ensure that your router bit is suitable for any machine out there!

When a route bit is compatible with different routers, you can use it all the time. Moreover, you won’t have to spend money on different bits for each machine.

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The Bottom Line

So, here is my review on the best lock miter router bit. Don’t worry, while researching these products, I’ve made sure that I’m picking the crème de crème only. Hence, you’ll never have any complaints against them.

However, if you’re still feeling confused, let me help you once again.

For an overall experience, you can choose the Freud Lock Miter Router Bit. It is versatile, easy to install, heavy-duty, and affordable. Well, that’s a pretty sweet deal.

Moreover, when looking for an industrial-grade product for tougher projects, you can go for the Baowox 45 Degree Lock Miter bit without any hesitation.

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