7 Best Router Bit for Planing in 2023 [Slab Flattening Router Bit]

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or doing it out of passion; creating wooden pieces is artwork! And to create masterpieces, you will need the best router bit for planing! But how do you know which one is worthy?

Well, your router bit should offer you the highest RPM, come with lightweight construction, and it has to be suitable for working on any surface. Furthermore, it should be on the low-maintenance side.

best slab flattening router bit

Now the question is, where will you get these products? Don’t worry; we have fished out the top seven options for you!

Top 5 Best Slab Flattening Router Bits Comparison Table


Product Name

Cutting Diameter

 Shank & Wings

BINSTAK Slab Flattening Router Bit

2 Inches

1/2" Shank & 3 Wings

Whiteside Spoilboard Surfacing Router Bit

2 Inches

1/2" Shank & 4 Wings

BINSTAK Router Bit for Planing

2 Inches

1/2" Shank & 3 Wings

Amana 45525 Surface Planing Router Bit

1.13 Inches

1/2" Shank & 3 Wings

Whiteside 6210 Surfacing Router Bit

1 Inch

1/4" Shank & 3 Wings

7 Best Router Bits for Planing Reviews

Here is a list of the seven ultimate router bits that will make your job more effortless than ever. These products are made to provide satisfying service, so pick one from here for an optimal experience.

1. BINSTAK ½” Slab Flattening Router Bit

The first product we will discuss is by BINSTAK, and it is made to offer outstanding versatility and smoothness. This router bit is a dynamic combination of durability and convenience, which is why it is on the top of the list.

Not just the wooden surface, you can use this planer for any surface you want. From fiberboard to plyboard, it is suitable for a wide range of materials. Isn’t that admirable?

Additionally, this router bit comes with a heat-resistant coating, ensuring you are working in the safest environment. And you won’t have to be bothered with the thought of getting burned workpieces. Well, that’s just the best of both worlds!

Thanks to the carbide tip design, you will enjoy ruthless sharpness while working on your project. It will ensure the smoothest finish, and you don’t have to sharpen it frequently.

On top of everything, this router bit is compatible with most routers out there. So when you are looking for the highest convenience, you can consider getting this one without any hesitation.


  • Heat-resistant coating makes it suitable for professional jobs
  • Comes with the sharpest carbide tip to make things easier
  • Offers compatibility with most other devices
  • Suitable for working on a wide range of surfaces


  • Not so great for hardwoods
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2. Whiteside 6220 Spoilboard Surfacing Router Bit

When it comes to router bits, Whiteside is one of the big guns! It offers you the highest reliability and convenience, so you can use it for your workpieces whenever you want.

This router bit is designed with a carbide tip to make it highly durable. And this feature also makes it suitable for working on tougher surfaces, and that’s a remarkable thing, to be honest.

Additionally, it comes with an industrial-grade blade. Hence, you can work on tons of pieces without needing any sharpening. Moreover, it ensures a smooth outcome every time. And a passionate crafter will appreciate that quality!

One of the most remarkable facts about this router bit is that you will get up to 15,000 RPM while working with it. This incredible speed will allow you to work on various objects without any issues.

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Suppose you want to get a heavy-duty router bit suitable for both industrial works and home projects. In that case, this one will be your greatest companion!


  • Carbide construction ensures higher durability
  • Industry-grade blades offer reliable service
  • Four efficient wings deliver smooth performance
  • 15000 RPM pulls of any job in no time


  • Several flutes may decrease the speed a little bit
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3. BINSTAK ½” Shank Router Bit for Planing

BINSTAK has been making excellent router bits for years and making woodworker’s tasks easy-peasy with all those outstanding router bits. Their half-inch shank is also made to continue that legacy.

The 3-wings CNC router bit with a two-inch cutting diameter and a half-inch razor-sharp shank made the bit unbeaten. The heat hindering Teflon coating reduces resin building which ultimately ensures fast and smooth cleaning.

This BINSTAK bit is simply a perfect example of versatility. The router bit can do flatten your slab as well as groove, trim, resurface the top of the spoil board – you just name it.

As for the build quality, the carbide-tipped with a solid steel body made the router bit unbeatable. Clearly, doing various wood designs without even hesitating to torn-apart the router will turn into a piece of cake.

Plus, this bit is suitable for laminate, solid wood, plywood compact board, MDF, particleboard, and so on. On top of that, you can use this on the automatic router also in table-mounted and hand-held portable routers.


  • Heat hindering Teflon coating reduces resin build-ups
  • Solid steel construction ensures maximum durability
  • For automatic, table-mounted, and hand-held portable routers.
  • Suitable for various types of surface planers
  • Versatile enough to handle jobs like grooving, resurfacing, and trimming


  • Can’t handle metal and non-wood materials
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4. Amana 45525 Surface Planing Router Bit

When it comes to excellent bits, Amana is a name that is simply impossible to skip.  They now have put another amazing piece forward — the 45525 Router Bit.

As it is made with Amana-exclusive carbide, you can expect amazing performance. This thing is highly durable and offers reliability; hence, it is always popular among users.

If you want to get router bits for a 90-degree angle, this one can be a great help. It is designed specifically for precise planning, which is just the cherry on the top.

Besides its ergonomics, it also has a 2+2 unique blade design, to be honest. And one of the most remarkable features of this router is that it allows you to work on a larger and wide range of surfaces.

Therefore, when looking for a versatile device to see your money well-invested, you should consider getting it without any hesitation.


  • Top-notch quality of the blade gives smoother finishing
  • Designed to give you precise cutting with ultimate accuracy
  • Can keep up with high-speed motors easily
  • Suitable for handling most surfaces


  • Requires regular maintenance
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5. Whiteside 6210 Surfacing Router Bit (¼” Shank)

There’s nothing new to say about Whiteside, as you already know what kind of excellence they can deliver. Well, they are back and this time with 6210, 1/4″ shank router bit.

If you are anxious about edge furnishing or exquisite finishing on the surface or clean cut on your material, then Whiteside 6210 router bit is highly recommended for you to buy.

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This carbide-tipped tenacious bit is perfect for flattening the edges. So if you think that the regular planer isn’t good enough, you can pick this one for an optimal experience.

The three-wings bit with a 1/4-inch razor-sharp shank and diameter of 1-inch can cut your surface in 1/4-inch length. You can use this in your CNC machine as well as a custom-manufactured router sled.


  • Perfect edge cutter leaves no flaws
  • Designed for heavy-duty tasks
  • Three-wings made for exquisite finishing
  • Carbide tipped and hardened material made the tool tenacious


  • Could arise a little bit of heating issue after continuous using
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6. KOWOOD ½” Slab Flattening Router Bit

KOWOOD got a reputation for extraordinary router bits, and this is one of their greatest creations; there’s no doubt about that!

If you are searching for a sharp and high-quality router bit that can be a bottom cleaner and a surface planer, this one will be perfect. As it comes with a carbide-tipped design, you can expect outstanding durability from it. Moreover, you can use this router for heavy-duty tasks, which is just the icing on the cake.

On top of that, the dual wings of this bit are immensely sharp which, helps to clean the bottom, plane the surface, or flatten the slab in real quick. The 16000 RPM power made this router bit a beast, allowing the bit to leave no defects.

This incredible bit fits any router, whether it’s a table router or a handled router. You can now art or can do wood crafts without any irritation.


  • Dual wings ensure a smooth finish
  • Vibrates slowly while spinning
  • Carbide tip offers amazing durability
  • Suitable for table router as well as handled router


  • Tend to get overheated after running for longer hours
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7. Amana RC-2248 Surfacing Router Bit

The final product on our list is the Amana RC-2248 Router Bit, and it is a super lightweight device that makes your life easier. And this thing is super durable too, which is pretty impressive.

This router bit comes in a compact size; you can easily use it for any surface you want. Furthermore, it has the sharpest blades for precise cutting, which you can use while creating a masterpiece.

The most remarkable fact about this router bit for flattening boards is its RPM. You can get up to 24,000 RPM; hence, you can work on any wooden surface pretty effortlessly.

Another commendable thing about this tool is that it is super easy to maintain and use. When the carbide blades get dull, you can easily take them out with a screwdriver. Hence, when you are looking for a fuss-free experience, this is the one you should get.


  • Sharpest carbide blade helps in precise cutting
  • Offers high RPM to make your task effortless
  • Suitable for any wooden surface
  • Lightweight construction makes it easy to use


  • Doesn’t come with an extra set of screws
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Things to Consider while Buying Router Bits for Planing

Not knowing what to look into while buying something is the easiest way to end up with a wrong purchase. So, before you swipe that card of yours on your next bit, make sure that you’ve checked out the following things in it.

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For obvious reasons, you can never think of getting a bit made out of poor-quality material. It has to be tough enough to sustain the humongous RPM of your router and keep with all kinds of surfaces you want to work on.

Besides, material quality is the prime determinant of durability. So, picking the right material is what will determine whether it’s going to keep up with you for a long time or will turn into another broken junk.

Shank Size

It depends on what you are going to do. You have to get a suitable size of shank for your router to obtain the best performance. The large diameter of the shank gets you less vibrant while using the router.

That doesn’t mean you’ll always have to take the larger diameter of shanks. If you have the option for choosing the shanks size, then the large diameter is preferable.

Cutting Head

The Cutting Head is usually made of steel(HSS) or with a carbide tip. Carbide tipped is way tenacious than steel and holds the sharpness longer. But you have to be careful using this carbide-tipped head since it gets broken.

Check the quality of the bit before buying. The edges of the head will be precisely furnished, and the braze that meets the carbide tip into the bit will seem even.

Compatible Surfaces

There is a huge impact on which materials or surfaces you are going to cut. If you are going to cut plywood, softwood, or hardwood, then the tungsten carbide tips cutter head is best to fit. These tips contain sharpness much longer than the solid steel bits.

On the other hand, when you are going to cut on MDF or board, the solid carbide bit is way better than the tungsten carbide bit.

Mounted Routing or Freehand Routing

If you are going to use a large diameter for cutting, then you have to mount the router on the table. Such as a 1/2-inch shank router bit. Otherwise, you can carry the router in your hand during the cutting. 1/4-inch shank router bit and 8mm shank router bit can be used as freehand routing.


The flute is responsible for the cut. It affects the speed as well as the cut by increasing or decreasing the number. If you are using single-bit, then the router performs super-fast but leaves flaws in the tasks. On the other hand, the higher number of flutes slow down your router speed but cut the edges like butter smooth.

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Wrapping Up!

After gathering all the information regarding the router bits, you probably have decided which router bit you grab as your next best router bit for planing. But if you’re still confused, let us put some suggestions on your table.

If you’re asking for the bit that can keep up with maximum RPM, then we’d say go for the Amana RC-2248 Router Bit. With 24000 RPM compatibility, that’s going to be more than ideal.

But if you really want a bit that can keep up with you for a longer period of time, then grab BINSTAK 1/2-Inch Router Bit as the blades are replaceable. With it, you won’t have to repurchase the entire bit once it goes dull.

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