7 Best Router Circle Jigs [Reviewed in 2023]

Have you ever noticed a perfectly round wooden stool or a mirror frame and wondered how on earth this amazingly sharp and circular shape is achieved? The answer is a circle cutting router jig.

When attached to a regular router, the jig forms a pencil compass-like figure. Pivoting at the end of the jig at a central locking point, the bit cuts through the wood in a circular motion. Using the best router circle jig, you can get a perfectly round cut-out to turn your project into a masterpiece.

best router circle jig

But planning on getting a jig from the tools-market is like diving into the ocean – you hardly know where to find the treasure. To cut the journey short for you, we have made a list of 7 of the most useful circle jigs in today’s market.

Top 5 Router Circle Jigs Comparison Chart

Product Name


Cutting Diameter


Jasper Router Circle Jig (M 300 Pro)

7 to 52 Inches

1.5 Pounds

Rockler Circle Cutting Jig for Router

10 to 52 Inches

2.64 Pounds

Milescraft Circle Guide Kit (1219)

1. 5" To 12" and 10" To 52"

3.84 Pounds

Jasper Circle Jig Model 240

1 to 18 Inches

‎13.6 Ounces

POWERTEC 71637 Circle Cutting Router Jig

10 to 53 Inches

1.4 Pounds

7 Best Router Circle Jig Reviews

Considering accuracy, power, and long-term performance, we have sorted out 7 jigs out of hundreds. It took us a bit of time, but we pulled off the task pretty neatly. Here’s what our experts found.

1. Jasper Router Circle Jig (M 300 Pro) – Best Pick

Jasper Tools are quite popular for their extremely useful products that absolutely nails the carpentry works – literally. The circle jig M 300 Pro is not quite alien from that legacy.

It’s a polycarbonate-made long jig that is designed to be perfect. It comes with a number of pre-drilled holes on the extreme side of it so that you can attach it to different routing devices. Simply use a few screws and lock the jig to the router, and you’re almost done.

What is left is the inch-guide to be set. Depending on what diameter you need for the circle cut, you can pinpoint it on the jig with a pin. From 7 inches to 52-¾ inches – you can select the diameter according to your needs.

The points on the inch-guide have tiny pin holes on them so that you can put a pin through these openings and attach it to the center of the circle. Now, all you need is to set your desired point and start cutting.

Designed to calibrate with a half-inch router bit, you can easily adjust it to the most common routers used today. As you can adjust the depth of the bits on the router device, cut-out depth can also be of diverse measurements.

Moreover, as it comes with a fully-functional inch guide, you make almost 184 different types of round wood. With a quarter-inch increment, start from the 7-inch point to way up to 52-¾-inch one.


  • Perfect circle jig to make specialized tabletops
  • Inch-guide can measure from 7 inches to 52-¾ inches
  • Made from polycarbonate for durability
  • 184 different sizes of round cuts
  • Can be used with most common routers


  • Doesn’t work with a trim router
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2. Rockler Circle Cutting Jig for Router

Rockler has simply rocked the party with this circle routing jig. Designed with a completely simple mechanism, the jig is pretty straightforward to be used by anybody.

Made from the phenolic core, the jig is quite durable and sturdy. Especially if you’re working with heavy-duty projects with wooden logs, the jig can satisfactorily withstand the pressure and blow.

It works with a sliding mechanism. You attach one end of the jig to a router and attach the tightening knob on the sliding cut-out at your desired distance. The slider area is well-cut in a straight line so that you can smoothly glide the knob forward and backward to pinpoint where you want the end of the radius to be.

It comes with a couple of central pivot pins to lock this jig with the router. Also, its universal mounting system allows it to be attached to nearly all the popular routing devices.

There are 4-star tightening knobs with T-bolt to pinpoint the center of the circle to easily move the router for the precise round cut you’re looking for. Measure from 10 inches to 52 inches in diameter with this jig to craft the perfectly designed round wooden structure.


  • Measurement ranges from 10 inches to up to 52 inches in diameter
  • Gliding area for the router to adjust easily
  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Made from long-lasting phenolic core
  • Pivoting pin and tightening knobs for precise attachment


  • The two center pivot pins tends to move after a while
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 3. Milescraft Circle Guide Kit (1219)

If you are looking for something beyond ‘DIY-tool,’ then the Milescraft 1219 may be the perfect tool for you. This CircleGuide jig comes with two different cutting circle options – small and large.

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The small circle jig can cut from as low as 1.5 inches to 12 inches in diameter. On the other hand, the large circle jig can cut circles from 10 inches to the highest 52 inches in diameter. That means you can be precise on what you’re crafting, leaving no room for mistakes.

Having an oversized handle knob is a great plus for this device. It feels quite in-control when you grip the knobs as you know there’s no chance of it slipping from its place. This results in a perfectly balanced set up for a round cut.

If you’re not quite comfortable with the metric measurement system, the device also has an option for imperial scales, as well. A see-through window makes it easy for you to take the readings with zero error.

The Milescraft 1219 features a patented turn-n-lock technology that makes it extremely simple to attach the jig to a router. It needs no tool and takes literally no time to set it up. You can use it with the most commonly used routers nowadays.


  • Comes with a universal base plate
  • Features both metric and imperial measuring system
  • Designed with patented turn-n-lock technology
  • Equipped with two different jigs for the small and large cut
  • Compatible with common routers


  • Not designed for beginners
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 4. Jasper Circle Jig Model 240

Got no time for trial cuts? Switch to the Jasper Model 240. This one is celebrated for the versatility and precision it offers to the carpenters.

No matter what plunge router models you are using, the Jasper 240 is designed to fit most of those well-renowned brands out there. All you need is a few seconds to find out the exact point of the match to attach it to the router.

The fact that the circle jig comes in a yellow design with black marks on it makes complete sense as it promotes better visibility and clarity. Measuring in the metric system, it doesn’t need any hard work to take readings on it.

Start from 1 inch in diameter measurement to the highest 18-3/16 inches – this one is preferable for most small and medium circular cutting jobs. Making a stool, a small round table, or a mirror frame – the Jasper 240 comes as a perfect fit for these jobs.

As you can increase the diameter measurement by 1/16-inches every time, it allows you to have almost 276 different cut sizes. This lets you set your creativity free and take your crafting skill to a whole new level.


  • Measurement starts from 1 inch to the highest 18-3/16 inches
  • Pre-drilled to fit most common routers
  • Effortless to set up and use
  • More than 267 different cutting size options
  • Easy to read measuring scale


  • The pivot pin may sometimes pose a challenge to detach it
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 5. POWERTEC 71637 Circle Cutting Router Jig

It’s a rare case that durability and precision in performance meet in router jig. Powertec 71212 may have just hit the jackpot through achieving this equilibrium.

Constructed from melamine-coated 7-layer plywood, you can tell that the circle jig is of unparalleled strength and stability. It comes as a lightweight solution that is unbelievably durable and sturdy. For both professional and DIY users alike, this one is a perfect tool to carry out your woodworking projects.

Measuring from 10 inches all the way up to 53 inches in diameter, the circle jig may be used to work equally on smaller to larger projects. It’s going to be a perfect pal if you’re crafting frames for clocks, mirrors, or even making the dining table for your home!

The base plate of the device comes predrilled to fit with the most commonly used routers in the market. You can always check the compatibility on their website before you make a purchase.

Reaching a greater range is challenging for router jigs, but this device comes with a solution to that. It uses a long compass design to reach the distance quite effortlessly and rather easily. The two center pins that come with the package makes it quite convenient to set the device up.


  • Measuring diameter ranges from 10 to 53 inches
  • Predrilled mounting holes on the base to fit most routers
  • Comes with a long compass design for a greater range
  • Made from melamine-coated 7-layer plywood for durability
  • Boasts an easy-to-use intuitive design


  • The size is a bit bigger for regular users
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 6. BOSCH Router Circle Jig (RA1054)

If you have a Bosch router and you’re a true fan of using Bosch essentials for your woodworking jobs, then the RA1054 router guide is going to be the perfect match for you. Designed specifically to suit some of the most common Bosch router models, this one works wonders.

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You can make edge forming with this adjustable guide and also enjoy the privilege of using it as a circle cutting jig, as well.

It will take you seconds to convert the device into a complete circle guide. Once converted, it works no less than a full-fledged circle cutting jig!

And when you set the device into circle cutting mode – it can cut from an 8-inch diameter all the way up to a 32-inch diameter. For a versatile router guide that can merely be converted into a circle cutting jig, this range is pretty impressive.

Apart from the precise cut it has to offer, the device comes with a strong pivot plate for attaching the routers. Plus, it has a dust extraction hood, as well, to clear off the dust from the working area.

A universal vacuum hose adapter works perfectly fine when it comes to attaching a hose to the tool.


  • Versatile router edge guide can become a circle cutting jig
  • Can cut from 8 inches to 32 inches in diameter
  • Comes with a dust extraction hood for cleaning up
  • Includes pivot plate for router adjustment
  • Works with most Bosch router models


  • Only works with Bosch routers
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 7. Jasper 200 Circle Jig for Router

And finally, we pull the curtain of our reviews with the Jasper 200J circle cutting jig! This showstopper is actually a pretty unique one.

Made from brass material, the jig is quite thin and light. Weighing just above 14 ounces, you can’t help but be surprised at the lightweight guide that performs quite impressively.

With a 1/16-inch increment step, the jig allows you to cut holes in 256 different places. That gives you the freedom to play with designs on the wood log and set your creative soul free.

Starting from 2-¼ inches to up to 18-3/16 inches in diameter measurement, you can use this jig for any small to medium round wood-cutting works.

It has a universal base that can be used with the most common routing devices we use in today’s time. Jasper lays out 19 models that are perfectly fit for this one. You can check it on their website anytime!

The precision-drilled pivot holes make sure that the pin you put against the log stays firmly in its place. As for taking the measurement, there’s an easy-to-read scale to take care of it.


  • A 1/16-inch increment allows 256 different circle cuts
  • Easy-to-ready scale for measurement
  • Precision-drilled pivot holes for strong attachment
  • Lightweight and strong cutting guide
  • Works with popular routing devices


  • The center Plexiglas-insert appears to be fussy and tends to fall out
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Factors for Choosing the Best Router Circle Jig:

Ease of setting the jig up

The circle cutting jig must be extremely easy to set up and use. That IS one of the things you are supposed to enjoy when you buy yours. Building a jig takes some stress; using a purchase jig that requires zero stress from the operator is essential. This factor is a primary factor for me.

Cutting range

This factor is more important than the ease of assembling. The range of possible cuts mainly depends on the length of the router circle jigs. As stated earlier, the jig’s length should never be less than the radius of intended circle cuts. 

Also, you surely want your cutting range to be adjustable. Some jigs come with a line cut through the middle of their length that allows you to choose different centers every time you wish. Having different centers allows you to make circular cuts with different radius, a dynamic versatility you should be willing to pay a couple of bucks for.

See-though designs

If you create your jig using wood, it is understandable if you don’t have the option of enjoying a see-through experience.

When you purchase a router circle jig, you most likely want it to be made from a see-through material that allows you to oversee the cut properly. Transparent materials do the magic, period.


Since you are not personally designing the jig to fit your individual purpose and to work only with a router, you should find out the type of router the jigs can work with.

If the jig works well with different types of routers, that is a big advantage you don’t want to miss out on. If your router jig is not heavy and works with different types of routers, you are marvelously blessed.


Apart from the technical factors, a good warranty condition can make a jig stand out and make all the pennies worth it. Somewhere between a year and three years will be a great deal. This is because a lot of credible manufacturers and distributors don’t even offer any form of warranty at all. 

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How to Use a Router Circle Jig?

Using a circle jig is pretty simple than you would normally expect. It is a bit more complex when you have to build the router circle jig by yourself, especially to fit the requirements of what you want.

Regardless, the principle of design and operation involved is pretty straight-forward.

To make a circle cutting router jig basically involves cutting. Firstly, you must have a plank of wood that is bigger than the radius of the perfect circles you want to cut.

Then cut the edges of the plank to make it properly shaped, typically having well-finished round edges. The edges don’t actually do the job; it is just a way to get things looking proper.

The jig mostly has one big end and another small end. The bigger end is supposed to get attached to the router and drive it.

Remove the base template of the router; it’s a layer that should contain the bolt paths below the router. Then tract out the base pattern on the big end of your plank. You can use a pencil or pen or marker.

Drill out the marked spots with enough diameter to fit the screws, then countersink it to make room for some watcher or fasteners. Also, drill out a hole at the small end, a hole big enough to contain the peg that will hold it down. The hole at the small end will later represent the center of the circle.

Some jig designs include cutting a line through the middle of the jig plank to make a run for adjustable centers. That way, you will be able to use that particular jig for multiple jobs with different requirements.

For me, using your circle cutting jig is actually the easy part of the job. The first step to be taken should be to ensure that jig length is capable of creating the required circle, the distance between the small end of the jig and the big end of jig must never be less than the required radius of the wanted precise circles.

After confirming dimensions, attach your router to the jig by using screws, longer than the default set. The screws must be long enough to cut through the thickness of the jig and still run deep into the router to tighten it.

The last thing you want is a loosely connected router that will destroy your job accuracy or even cause an accident.

Pin down the circle’s center with a tight peg that attaches the router circle jig to the work piece or table. Once you have done those steps, you are ready to cut. Make sure the surrounding is free for motion and not littered.

Set the depth of your router and switch it on. Lower the router by pressing the jig down and start cutting. Gently drive the router in a circular motion to cut the wood. You might not want to cut it all at once. This step is dependent on the wood thickness. Making multiple rotations and increase cutting depth each time till the cutting is done.

The circle being too big is better than it being short. You can just easily reduce the diameter and cut it again. Finally, sand the edges properly to have a great finish.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is a Router Circle Jig?

A router circle jig is a plain tool that allows you to cut round shapes on wood planks easily. Achieving those cuts can be very difficult when done with the typical marking and tracing method. Factors like router’s vibration and fatigue will set in if you don’t use a jig.

2. What does a router circle jig do?

The router circle jig gets attached to the routers and guides the way through circular cuts. The jig achieves this by having an end pinned down as the center while the other end drives the router in the required circular motion. The router being driven has a blade depth that is sufficient for each rotation because the cut may not necessarily be done in one rotation.

In other to keep the black intact, hardwood requires multiple rotations. Softwood or plywood can easily be cut with one rotation. Don’t ever rush the process; easy does it.

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Final Words

It’s not surprising that even the most advanced router can’t get you a precise and well-shaped round cut if you are not using the best router circle jig. There’s no point in drilling through a wooden structure if the measurement isn’t correct.

Such a jig can make sure you’re cutting out an exceptional figure with precision. We hope the jigs we reviewed here today can deliver that precision you always cherished. Try any of these 7 router circle jigs and leave us your comment on your experience!

Happy crafting!

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