7 Best Router Plate [Ultimate Guide for 2021]

To take your woodworking project on its height, you’ll need to make sure you can get your hands on the best router plate. However, that’s not always easy to get, you know. Now that all the products in the market cost a fortune to everyone, it’s pretty tough to get something functional at an affordable cost.

But hey, there’s always a silver lining, you see. And that’s when we come to help you. We’ll make sure you can get the perfect router plate and that too without breaking your bank. Let’s get to the reviews.

Top Router Plate Comparison Table

Product Name




Kreg Tool PRS4038 Precision Router Table Insert Plate


Rousseau 3509 Deluxe Router Base Plate


POWERTEC 71022 Universal Router Plate

Acrylic and Metal

WUYASTA Router Table Insert Plate


Bosch Parts 2610938414 Adapter Plate


7 Best Router Plate Reviews

The 7 models we are mentioning now are super-duper and efficient for all types of users. Go and see which one can make a place in your arsenal.

1. Kreg Tool PRS4038 Precision Router Table Insert Plate

It’s a MUST to get your hands on the best router table insert plate while working with the top-notch routers with heavy torque. In that case, our suggestion is to go with the Kreg Tool PRS4038 with your eyes closed. It’s durable, long-lasting, and much friendly with the Triton and Bosch routers.

With 3/8 inches of thickness, it delivers an excellent surface for every single router and provides the accurate cuts that you were searching for. Besides, it’s a phenolic router plate designed to support heavy torque without facing much of a problem.

The alignment marks it gets will definitely make the whole process a breeze for mounting or centering on every router.

What about the measurement? Well, it’s 9-1/4 inches x 11-3/4 inches, and most importantly, available in three different versions. These are – pre-drilled for Porter-Cable and Bosch, pre-drilled for Triton, and undrilled.

Unlike the typical models out there, the champion has got 3 level-loc reduction rings of 25 mm, 30 mm, and 67 mm. Thanks to the one ring wrench it comes with, the plate’s surface will stay in place securely and firmly all the time.

The brass starting pin is designed for making the freehand mounting pretty simple and out of hassle. Along with the product, you can get a specific manual for ensuring the proper mounting instructions. Overall, it’s a great choice for every type of woodworker.


  • Capable of taking heavy pressure
  • Offers an excellent surface for most of the routers out there
  • Alignment marks for easy mounting or centering
  • Delivers three different versions for optimum functionality
  • Lever-loc reduction rings for safety and versatility


  • Have to purchase plate levelers separately!

2. Rousseau 3509 Deluxe Router Base Plate – Best Budget Router Plate

So, you are looking for a versatile piece of router plate but unable to break the bank, right? Well, take a look at this one from Rousseau, which is slightly cheaper than our previous pick from Kreg.

The good thing about this router plate is, it can be used for both freehand tools and heavy routers. Talking about the freehand routing, the champ right here has got a specific shoulder pin for increasing the amount of safety. The pin’s size is around 1 inch tall.

Concerned about durability? Well, this one has got your back, mate! It gets thermoset phenolic plate for supporting heavy torque and ensuring ultimate longevity at the same time. And speaking of the measurement, it’s approximately 9X 12 X 3/8 inches.

What’s next? It includes a specific set of rings that are engineered to use with a number of bit diameters. These glass-reinforced removable pieces of rings will create a maximum of around 4-inch opening to ensure better fittings to the baseplate.

Good to know, it packs around 3 opening sizes, including 1-1/4, 2-5/8, and 3-7/8 inches.

The item equips four snuggers at the corner to make sure maximum stability and support. Besides, the router plate has a unique leveling system, making it stand out from the rest. With the radial lines and concentric rings it gets, users will easily be able to center the plate on the router. But unfortunately, the top is a wee bit slippery.


  • An inexpensive router plate
  • Compatible with both heavy routers and freehand tools
  • Much durable because of the thermoset phenolic plate
  • Glass-reinforced rings are removable
  • Pretty easy to set the plate


  • Slippery top!

3. POWERTEC 71022 Universal Router Base Plate

This one from the POWERTEC is recommended for those who are on a very tight budget. Despite being a cheap router plate, the materials it has got are acrylic and metal to increase stability and durability. So, if you get your hands on this one, you won’t have to deal with warping, sagging, or such type of issues.

With a thickness of 5/16 inches, the crystal-clear build lets you see the whole routing process during the operation. Plus, the plate’s ergonomic grip improves stability to truly take your cutting skill to the next level! This plate is much ideal for template routing, edge routing, grooving, and shaping works.

Here you will get a number of adjustable screws as well as pre-drilled holes to make sure of easy mounting. With a size of around 1-3/16 inches, it features a router centering pin designed for perfect alignment. As a result, you can easily center the collet.

The unique part? POWERTEC 71022 lets you use ”Portable Cable Style Guide” brushing to ensure maximum accuracy. Therefore, it is friendly with Porter-Cable and other similar products.

Since it’s a 6-1/2 inches universal router plate, it can accommodate the following brands – Bosch, Porter-Cable, Dewalt, Craftsman, Makita, Milwaukee, and a few more. But here is one thing to keep in mind, it’s not the safest option for newbies or hobbyist.


  • A pocket-friendly router plate
  • Out of warping, sagging, or such issues
  • Equips adjustable screws with pre-drilled holes
  • Ensures maximum accuracy during the operation
  • Accommodates several top-notch brands


  • Not the beginner-friendly choice!

4. Kreg PRS4034 Router Plate

Here we are with another efficient router plate named Kreg PRS4034. Molded with high-quality phenolic material, this one right here can easily beat the traditional models when we talk about efficiency, performance, and durability.

Speaking of compatibility, this particular tool is engineered to fit almost every router. With a dimension of about 9-1/4″ x 11-3/4,” the thickness it gets is no less than 3/8 inches. So, the chance of warping or sagging is almost ZERO!

When it comes to mounting or centering, the alignment marks play a significant role in making the entire process easy-peasy. And thankfully, the tool is available in 3 different versions, such as – pre-drilled for Triton, pre-drilled for Bosch and Porter-Cable, and undrilled.

Like our earlier model of Kreg, the item equips three level-loc reducing rings, including 30 mm, 67 mm, and 25mm. The surface of the plate will always stay secure, firm, and out of all troubles. Usually, these will take just a few minutes or so to install.

The thing to be noted, it packs mounting hardware and pre-drilled holes to fit perfectly with TRA001 and Triton M0F001 routers. It also works pretty well with the 7500 series of Porter-Cable. Interesting, eh!

Well, is the freehand mounting really hard? Not at all, mate! With the brass starting pin it gets, you can ensure a pretty smooth and hassle-free mounting, even just spending a little time only!

Additionally, the maker of this model offers a specific manual to deliver easy router mounting instructions. In fact, it offers an outstanding surface for almost all routers (single). Feel free to get this one from the shop whether you are a professional woodworker or just a hobbyist who is just doing it yourself.


  • Zero chances of sagging or warping
  • Alignment marks for hassle-free mounting
  • 3 level-loc rings: 25 mm, 67mm, and 30 mm
  • Compatible with both hobbyists and serious workers


  • The plastic may flex!

5. WUYASTA Router Table Insert Plate

On number 5, we are presenting a pocket-friendly option named WUYASTA Router Plate. Durable, lightweight, compact, versatile, you name it, this one right here can make your mounting and drilling task more efficient and faster by saving a lot of time and effort.

Genuinely, this particular router plate can beat other options when we talk about durability and reliability. Instead of a “typical plastic” base, the little boy has got heavy-duty aluminum alloy steel for making it one of the most durable router table plates out there in the market.

With a classy SILVER color, the total size of this item is approximately 9.3 x 4.7 x 0.3 inches. Besides that, it packs just around 577 grams in total. The lightweight structure proves that anyone can operate the stuff without working hard. Call it a “USER-FRIENDLY” router plate as well!

Here, you will get a specific center-hole bushing for aligning the router in the best way possible. Of course, you can easily mount or center on almost every router to increase the overall functionality. And guess what? The entire job will be done accurately, even within a short period of time.

Speaking of insert rings, you are going to get four pieces (plastic) in multiple sizes, including 30 mm, 21 mm, 13 mm, and 7 mm. Along with it, the manufacturer includes a couple of nuts or screws, for which you won’t have to spend extras to get these on your do-it-yourself activities, thankfully!


  • Faster and highly efficient
  • Aluminum alloy steel router plate
  • Lightweight and user-friendly
  • Numerous screws and nuts


  • Not a universal router plate!

6. Router Table Plate Kit from DCT

Cheap but versatile; if you are looking for something like that, you should get yourself this particular router table plate from DCT. It comes with a thickness of 3/8 inches, and most importantly, constructed with high-grade phenolic plastic to make the drilling process a piece of cake.

The bits it packs are universal, and all of these are available in 1-1/4 inches, 3-7/8 inches, and 2-5/8 inches. Therefore, the user-friendly router table plate is compatible with Porter-Cable and other similar items.

With Cutter and Porter-Cable template guide, you will be capable of building your personal mounted router in a pretty safe way. Fortunately, you can change or replace the bits with ease by just lifting out the router. But sometimes, it’s a bit tough to align the holes correctly!

For small to large cutters, the maker of this model has added three pieces of snap-out rings – 1-1/4″ (red), 2-5/8″ (yellow), and 3-7/8″ (black). Unlike the typical models, it can hold almost every router firmly without warping or flexing.

For your convenience, the item includes some of the essential accessories, such as magnetic holders (4), guide pin, adjustable screws (4), concentric rings (2), and Allen wrench hex key for leveling and securing the plate. Since the underside is marked, it will be possible to center the router during the operation.


  • Thick and sturdy phenolic plastic
  • Universal bits with a number of different accessories
  • Bits are pretty easy to replace or change
  • Free from flexing or warping


  • A little bit tough to align the holes!

7. Bosch 2610938414 Adapter Plate

We are going to conclude our comprehensive list after showing you this unique model of Bosch. As you know, the brand “Bosch” requires no extra introduction.

It has a reputation for making some versatile woodworking tools and kits. And when we talk about this particular model, it’s affordable, versatile, durable, and of course, reliable.

With anodized coating, the maker has added high-grade cast aluminum to make it strong and long-lasting. On account of the rigid construction, it’s able to bear heavy-pressure and torture. So, from now on, you can completely say “bye-bye” to warping or sagging issues.

Along with the several adjustable screws, the model offers pre-drilled mounting holes to make you capable of completing your task successfully. It doesn’t matter whether you are an amateur or a professional, you can make precise cuts in no time, thanks to the alignment mark it gets.

Like our previous pick, you are getting several opening sizes for ensuring better fittings to the baseplate. But to be honest, it leaves a heap of grey marks on the wood-pieces while working.


  • Cast aluminum material with anodized coating
  • Ensures precise cuts in no time
  • Offers several openings with some adjustable screws
  • Relatively cheap


  • Leaves grey marks on the wood-pieces!

Factors to Choosing the Best Router Plate:

Structure of the router

The router is supposed to be symmetrically balanced in a unique way. The surface should be truly flat with a smooth surface. That way, the plate blends in perfectly for its duty. There should be no form of noticeable flop between the router and the plate. Such a flop reduces the expected proficiency of the plate.

Nature of work

Base plates provide more control over the operations while having a high degree of safety, as opposed to not using a router plate. That being said, the router plate is not necessarily a necessity, but it can be very crucial. 

Both amateurs and experts use router plates for exhibiting more authority in the workflow, depending on the type of work being done. It is not a must for you to spend all the money you worked for to get a lift to make your workpiece well aligned with your table. An inserted plate that is well slotted does the trick, along with letting you remove and replace bits as needed.

But first, you have total decide if you need the router plate and the size that works. If you have a dedicated router that is permanently fixed to your table and has router lifts that can be raised to remove and replace bits, then you don’t need a router plate.

Factor of safety

Router plates also serve the function of ensuring safety during routing; yours should not be an exception. Usually, the router is more of a concern than the insert table itself. That is why you need to get a befitting router of high quality.

Having a good router does depict the totality of safety during routing; you need to have a couple of things in mind. Turn the router on before putting it on the workpiece, and be sure the router is in a good state before use. A good router plate doesn’t make the bits better or even adequately installed, be careful with your processes. Unplug your router before using a plate to change bits.

Ease of installation and removal

Since the router plate is to make your work processes easy, it provides you with more accuracy and effectiveness. Also, a hand-operated router is challenging to keep steady without a router plate. These benefits should not be canceled out by difficulties in installing or removing the router.


A lot of router plates are not too specific; they can work with a lot of routers. That is a feature you. Get a router that fits well with triton models of routers, and they will also work with a lot of others. Also, a router plate with multiple fine-pitch screws will be easily leveled to work with various routers. Compatibility is heavily dependent on the pre-drills that a technical angle confirms the plate’s versatility. This quality is essential if you have a big wood workshop that has more than one router.

The material used in manufacturing the router plate

Router plates can be made out of various materials, but some have proven to be very effective from experience. This doesn’t mean router plates made from other products are necessarily trash. Metals and acrylic have been very efficient. Also, cast aluminum can be very durable when used. Make sure you know the type used and confirm the credibility of such materials.

Included components

The router plate package can surely come with other accessories, and that is something to consider. Included components can include Corner Snugglers, Shoulder (Starter) Pin, 3/8″-thick (9.5mm) phenolic insert plate, Removable Insert Rings, Level-Loc Rings that work with the universal-style of guide bushings, and other formats. Also, the router mounting instructions should come with the package.


This is the general factor; you have to buy the router plate with money. Will your spending be worth it? That depends on a well you do your math right. You don’t want to buy an expensive router plate to discover that the material used is not authentic. Also, confirm the thickness, diameter, manufacturing material, and extra components before deciding if the purchase will be worth it or even needed in the first place. Confirm the price of the suitable option that has the features you seek.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is a router plate?

Router plate is a very innovative tool designed to provide more flexibility, ease, and safety for router works. The router plate can easily replace a router lift, which is very expensive. The router plates allow you to tweak the router for a couple of reasons. You might want to change a bit or check out a part of the router; the router plate has you covered.

2. How do you insert a table plate into a router?

Find the location of guide strips and get a plate inserted as a template. Use one of the edges where the plate will be, used a carpeted table to put a strip in place, and it should be parallel. When the router plate is well-positioned, you can wrap it with the remaining strips.
A starting point is to be created for a bit while making holes for dust relief; 1.5 inches of diameter for both corners won’t be bad. Set the bit’s depth to fit the thickness of the insert plate, then rout the lip. In a clockwise motion, rout the stripped interior while maintaining radius; strip guides the bearing.
Remove wastes and get the router attached to the mounting plate. Note that if you made a mistake while routing the lip, you could work with a fixed margin. Quarter-inch deep cuts are kind of standardized if you get lost or having issues maintain radius with other bits.

3. How do I drill the router plate?

The problem here is that you have just one chance at this operation, so you have to be very careful. Make a disc from MDF materials or plastic. Get your cone points and grind them with the drill. Get the disc properly located and get the router down. A hammer tap will get the right position marked, and you can drill 1/16 inches’ holes, four of them. Flip the router plate and get the holes to the perfect size for screws that aligns with the router. Make sure the four holes are countersunk, and you are done.

Wrapping Up!

That was all about the best router plate. We hope you’ve already selected your favorite one considering the requirements and tastes.

But in case you are still confused about your ultimate choice, make sure to get the Kreg Tool PRS4038, which is the front-runner and rose to the top of our comprehensive list.

If you think the previous one is a bit steep, our suggestion is to go with the Rousseau 3509. It’s safe, it’s durable, it’s versatile, and most importantly, you can use it both on freehand tools and heavy routers.

Last but not least, if you are looking for the inexpensive one, there will be NO BETTER OPTION than the POWERTEC 71022. Despite being one of the cheapest router plates out there, it gets acrylic and high-quality metal for optimum durability.

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