7 Best Router Table Fence [Buying Guide for 2021]

If your woodworking projects are going down and you wonder why you’re not making awesome cuts and grooves despite having the best router, it’s time to check your table fence.

Without a high-end router table, it’s always a tough call to maintain stability while routing. Well, today, your hard time is about to end…. probably. We’ll make it easy for you to choose the best router table fence by reviewing the top 7.

Top Router Table Fence Comparison Table

Product Name



Kreg PRS1015 Router Table Fence

JessEm 4010 Master Router Fence

Peachtree Woodworking PW1073 SUPREME ROUTER TABLE FENCE

Taytools 300016 Deluxe 24" Router Table Fence

Kreg PRS1200 Precision Beaded Face-Frame Fence

7 Best Router Table Fence Reviews

Without further ado, it’s time to read the reviews of some of the efficient router table fences. To know which one stands head and shoulders above the rest, make sure to read the article from first to last.

1.  Kreg PRS1015 Router Table Fence

The brand “KREG” requires no introduction! It has a reputation for making a number of router table fences. Kreg PRS1015 is one of its great innovations. Almost every craftsman and do-it-yourselfer are familiar with this masterpiece.

With a self-squaring “T-square style” carriage, it makes sure the particular fence will stay stable and parallel to the miter-gauge slot for accuracy. It won’t move out of place, which is a plus point for those who are having a hard time maintaining precision on cutting.

Both newbies and experts will be capable of adjusting it pretty easily with just a single hand. Besides, you can also lock the tool in place firmly, thanks to the large paddle lock as well as the quarter-turn lock it comes with.

There you will get an adjustable measuring scale along with a magnified measuring system to let you make a perfect setup with each bit. For increasing your efficiency level, you will get a user manual with assembly hardware.

Moving on to the construction, the impressive Kreg PRS1015 equips rugged anodized-aluminum to make it sturdier, more stable, and more reliable. Other great things are the micro-adjusting wheel and the accurate measuring system. Because of these features, making perfect adjustments for cutting will be a snap.

The fence can be attached securely to almost every router table-tops. The credit goes to the universal mounting design it gets. Also, the fence faces can be positioned perfectly where required. Additionally, you will get built-in jointing rods, a dust port, a bit guard, and a piece of measuring tape.


  • Ensures maximum stability
  • Dual-lock system to lock firmly
  • Creates a perfect setup with its efficient measuring scale
  • Rugged anodized-aluminum for durability
  • Compatible with 3/4″ to 1 1/2″ table-tops
  • Ideal for both expert craftsman and newbie


  • Tiny adjuster heads!

2. Taytools 300015 Router Table Fence – 32 inches

Can’t you afford our previous pick? Then, here is what we are recommending now – the Taytools 300015 Router Table Fence. Despite being very cheap, it creates a new standard for creativity and accurateness.

First off, the little bomb has got 3/8-inch thick anodized aluminum for ensuring ultimate longevity. Even after humidity change strikes, it makes sure to stay straight, accurate, and true to you.

Talking about the fence faces, these are made of smooth melamine coated MDF, and the opening can easily be adjusted by using the four threaded knobs (rear-mounted). With a measurement of 3-1/2 inches wide and 3-1/2 inches tall, the rear-mounted knobs (4-1/2 inch) make it a breeze for adjusting the fence backward and forward.

You won’t have to mess with sawdust anymore since the router table fence has got a built-in dust port with 2-1/4 inch ID and 2-1/2 inch OD opening.

Unlike the mainstreams, it accommodates plenty of accessories and packs a specific bit guard, adjustable stop, and feather board for user convenience. See, you are going to get a lot of items, just spending a little dollars. Impressive, eh?


  • A cheap router table fence
  • 3/8-inch thick anodized aluminum for durability
  • Melamine coated MDF fences with four rear-mounted knobs
  • Pretty easy to adjust and assemble
  • Efficient dust port with a wide variety of accessories


  • Not compatible with every table-tops

3. JessEm 4010 Router Fence

JessEm 4010 is a well-known name in the construction and DIY power tools industry. With this super-duper router table fence, you can truly take your woodworking projects to the next level!

Speaking of the build quality, it’s sturdy and super smooth on account of the aluminum extruded frame it gets. If you use the fence applying proper rules and techniques, it will last up to years and years.

The MDF fence faces are fully adjustable, and most importantly, you can lock the fence firmly in no time because of the built-in quick-locking knobs it comes with. These things will definitely help you to create precise cuts.

There is an efficient 2-1/4-inch dust chute designed to ensure easy and quick dust removal. Consequently, users can say BYE-BYE to the irritating sawdust by keeping their woodshop spick-and-span!

The on-board storage with innovative offset bars enables quick and accurate offsetting with 1/16″ and 1/32″ preset offsets. Along with the feature, we really like the tool-less adjusting systems it includes.

As for compatibility, JessEm 4010 is designed to fit perfectly with the table-top of 32″ x 24″. There is a specific built-in T-track for easy adjustability and assembly. However, it will be a bummer to understand the manual since it’s loaded with unclear instructions and fuzzy pictures!


  • Sturdy and pretty smooth construction
  • Adjustable MDF fences with locking knobs
  • A dust collection port with a size of 2-1/4-inch
  • Requires no additional tools for adjusting


  • Vague instruction manual!

4. Peachtree Woodworking PW1073 ROUTER TABLE FENCE KIT

With a 32-inch aluminum pre-drilled fence, this particular model from Peachtree Woodworking equips a couple of unique features to make a place on our arsenal. It’s versatile, it’s durable, and it’s reliable for every DIY-er and serious worker.

First things first, Peachtree Woodworking PW1073 has got a user-friendly dust collection port, which is a piece of cake to mount. Additionally, you can attach a 2-1/2-inch vacuum hose right away to the backside of the fence for capturing sawdust in the best way possible!

Thankfully, the fence accommodates bits around 3-1/2 inches in diameter. Of course, it’s more than enough in this price range. Alongside the pre-drilled fence, the pair of aluminum fence sections (16 inches) makes the stuff more reliable and versatile.

The unique part? You are going to get a small feather-board made of plastic. It is engineered for improving the cutting quality and preventing accidental kickbacks at the same time. WOW!

Talking about the installation process, you won’t have to spend hours and hours of time, mate! It’s easy-peasy to fix, and the job can be done within just 15 to 30 minutes, depending on your skill.

The kit offers a number of unique bits and a Uni-fence stop block for optimum functionality. But unfortunately, the tool is not square, which means it’s out of 90-degree.


  • Offers a pre-drilled fence with a pair of aluminum fence sections
  • Quite sturdy and long-lasting frame
  • Increases cutting quality and prevents kickbacks
  • Requires a pretty short time to install
  • Inexpensive but delivers some essential bits


  • Out of 90 degrees!

5. Taytools 300016 Deluxe Router Table Fence

Let us show you one of the cheapest router table fences named Taytools 300016. We have included the model for those who are limited on cash but in search of a top-notch item.

Built with 3/8 inch anodized aluminum, the table fence is strongly capable of withstanding heavy pressures and will easily last up to years. It won’t fluctuate at all even after humidity change strikes.

From now on, you won’t have to deal with sawdust while making some precise cuts. It features an individual dust port 2-1/4″ ID and 2-1/2″ OD opening to keep all dust or debris at bay.

Despite being inexpensive, it can accommodate a wide variety of different accessories with an adjustable stop, a bit guard, and a small-sized feather-board. As you can see, you are getting all the necessary pieces of ingredients by having the Taytools 300016.

What’s next? The fence faces are pretty much smooth and durable on account of the melamine coated MDF it features. These can be adjusted with ease by way of 4 threaded knobs. The dimension is around 3-1/2 inches tall and 3-1/2 inches wide.

Adjusting the fence back and forth will be as easy as falling off a log, the credit goes to its 4-1/2-inch rear-mounted knobs. Here is a drawback – the assembly instruction is not that clear. But overall, it’s good enough!


  • A budget-friendly router table fence
  • Sturdy anodized aluminum
  • Keeps dust away through its dust collection port
  • Melamine coated fence faces are pretty simple to adjust
  • Packs several accessories


  • The assembly instruction guide is unclear!

6. Kreg PRS1200 Precision Beaded Face-Frame System

Are you still looking for the best router table fence? If so, then we highly suggest getting yourself this one from Kreg. Though it costs a small fortune, the result you will get after using it will be, hands down, IMPRESSIVE!

The material it equips is heavy-duty aircraft-grade aluminum for enhancing rigidity and durability. It ensures that every do-it-yourselfer and professional woodworkers can run it for a long period of time without dealing with breaking or wearing and tearing.

To add richness and detail to your regular cabinetry job, the manufacturer of this model equips unique beaded face-frames. And guess what? There you will get two basic ways to build them. Speaking of the item weight, it’s just around 11.97 pounds.

Unlike the typical router table fence out there, this efficient piece takes a pretty little space to install. And good to know, it’s friendly with every full-sized router table. Really, it’s super-efficient!

After you get yourself the Kreg PRS1200, you will always be capable of building a number of attractive face frames in no time. Unlike the traditional models, there is NO NEED for spending hours and hours cutting tiny beads.

The simple design it gets is more than enough for a better-finished appearance and more precise cuts. Need additional pieces of accessories? Well, the machine right here has got your back!

It includes some necessary things to save you from spending extras. These are – 1/4 inches x 1-1/2 inches notching bit, standard beading bit, table set-up bar, integrated measuring tape, and many more.


  • Aircraft-grade aluminum for durability
  • Pretty fast and adds accuracy while cutting up
  • Offers heaps of accessories for user convenience
  • Comparatively light
  • Zero hassle to install the whole stuff


  • Poor clamp design!

7. Incra WONDERFENCE37 Router Table Fence

Our last and final choice goes to the Incra WONDERFENCE37. You know, it’s a multi-functional router table fence designed to get a variety of jobs done at once, including jointing, molding, raised panels, shaping, and such types of cuts.

With split fence halves and a single fence, it will always stay attached firmly to the wood surface so that you can keep doing your desired task with no bend, bow, or wrap. Didn’t it impress you?

Well, it features a single Incra TS-III fence that is made of premium-quality aluminum for longer usage. Usually, you can use or fix the fence to 37 inches of router table.

Definitely, everyone can use the device for vertical panel raising and tall boards. The credit goes to the 4 1/2-inch hi-rise fence cap it comes with. When it comes to adjustments, you can easily make the job done through its offset adjustment wedges. It’s made of sturdy aluminum as well.

The surface of the machine is comparatively flat and keeps you far away from unexpected kickbacks. So, whether you are a pro or just a fresher, there is no need to throw caution to the wind while cutting up!

What about the dust port? Well, you are going to get a specific debris collector to the corner of the table for casting unnecessary sawdust away from the tool. Though every little thing about this model seems pretty good to us, we are not that satisfied with its adjustment process, to be honest!


  • A multi-functional router table fence
  • Durable with a single-fence solution
  • Much better for both tall boards and vertical panel raising
  • Keeps irritating sawdust far away with its specific dust port


  • Cumbersome adjustment process!

How to Choose the Best Router Table Fence:

Manufacturing Material of the Fence

The material the router table fence is made of is vital. To some extent, it dictates the level of quality of the fence. Many materials are suitable for manufacturing router table fences, but only a handful are exceptionally good. Primarily, aluminum and other heavy-duty metals are very appropriate. MDF (medium-Density Fiberboard) is a common base material that is definitely a great centerpiece. The attribute of materials used directly influence the strength and longevity. Since the fence is a supportive component, it has to have a balance of strength and toughness.

The material used in the manufacturing process may be a weak combination of the right materials. That is one reason you may not want to base your decision totally on the specification report. Experience speaks louder. If you are a total novice, seek honest reviews or follow the recommendation of a trusted expert.

Dust Collection

This feature usually appears for most woodworking machines and equipment, which doesn’t make it any less important than it is. Dust reduction mechanisms can never be overstated, be on the lookout for one that is very effective.

The dust collection port available in efficient router table fences doesn’t only help your health and safety, they also help avoid the buildup of blockage that can disturb fluent motion during operation. For me, the feature is a minute detail that is a must.

The dimension of the dust collection component should be relatively efficient. It is not just about having the collection port alone; it is about being rightly structured. Dealing with dust does not usually entail total control of dust particles. This is because of its properties and generation. The deal is to have not less than 75 per cent of dust channeling.

Scale for Measuring

This is not something that is always there. A magnified system of observation is a feature I prioritize. Accuracy is a goal in technical works, and precision usually defines the level of quality. There are some router table fences that come with unique measuring scales that make the job more fun. Such scales can be adjustable in micro-sensitive moves, which can be the singular, distinctive feature you need to make a final decision.


Stability is a feature that is considered unimportant by some people. I will tell you not to go chasing after all those heavyweight bars. The needed stability is a factor of constructive design, in combination with the appropriate choice of material.

To safely get consistent cuts in executing woodworking tasks, a router fence is almost a necessity. The tool of guidance requires an outstanding level of stability to work effectively. With efficient stability, you have more control over the processes involved in woodworks.

Aligning the bits and the woods can really benefit from the use of a router table fence. MDF is a trusted material for providing an acceptable level of stability for fences. It is a professional recommendation. Building your fence is not a bad option, too; you just have to bear the stability considerations in mind.

The factor is very dependent on the manufacturer—that why it is one of the things you shouldn’t miss out on. Do your research!

Versatility in Adjustment

For the fence to remain parallel with respect to the slot of milter-gauge, a T-square system of adjustment may be required. It all depends on the structure of construction. The collaboration of such a system with anodized aluminum is a combination that rarely fails. Dual locks have a firm grip, while the fence can be tweaked with just a hand. Such designs secure infeed extreme with a strong paddle lock, and the outfeed extreme is secured with quarter-turn locked. The dynamics avoid deflection of the router table fence. If the sliding fence faces are independent, it will be easily positioned in ways that can provide firm support for stock and get it aligned with the bit easily.

Included Component

There are quite a handful of components to look out for as you purchase a router table fence. They include adjustable faces, an anodized-aluminum fence body, micro-adjust wheel, T-square style saw carriage, measuring tape, jointing rods, bit guard, dust-collection port, assembly hardware, and the manual. The manual should explain the assembling processes and necessary operational tips. These components are paramount, but they don’t necessarily have to all come with every package of table fence you buy, the fence body and a few others must surely be present.


A lot of router table fence doesn’t come with a warranty. Having a one or two-year warranty is a big plus. Some manufacturers offer a warranty; you should be on the lookout for that. The warranty should not be an excuse to get a low-quality fence. It should be the last factor in your mind.

Bottom Line

If woodworking is in your blood, having the best router table fence is a “MUST.” This is the reason why we have made this write-up to show you a couple of top-notch models, from which you can get your desired one considering your needs and tastes.

No more words, go to the shop straight away and find out any of one from the picks we have mentioned above. Wish you ALL THE BEST for your ultimate purchase!

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