5 Best Table Saw for Dado Cuts [Reviewed in 2021]

You recently started a woodworking shop. You haven’t got injured so far and managed to satisfy your customers with your crafting skill. So, everything is going pretty well.

However, you have a project in your hand where you need to make dado cuts. For that reason, you bought a dado blade to attach to your table saw. But your saw isn’t accepting the blade!

You thought that you might have bought the wrong blade. But no, it’s the right one. Then, what’s the problem?

My man, you need the best table saw for dado cuts for setting those blades. Don’t sweat, we’re going to help you from here to make the perfect choice at ease.

Top Table Saw for Dado Cuts Comparison Chart

Product Name


Speed (RPM)


DEWALT DWE7491RS 10-Inch Table Saw

4800 RPM

Makita 2705 10-Inch Contractor Table Saw

4800 RPM

Metabo HPT Jobsite Table Saw, 10-Inch 

4500 RPM

SawStop 10" 3HP Professional Cabinet Saw

4000 RPM

Grizzly Industrial G1023RL Cabinet Table Saw

3450 RPM

5 Best Table Saw for Dado Cuts Reviews

There are a lot of table saws in the market, but all of them are not suitable for dado cuts. Our experts grabbed plenty of models and tested each one. Only five could last till the end after passing our intense examination.

1. DEWALT Table Saw (DWE7491RS)

As a wood carpenter, you should know that a large table saw can be beneficial in several ways. And if it supports dado blades, then you get the best of both worlds. That’s why we bring to you the DWE7491RS table saw from DEWALT.

Got an array of materials? No worries, this table offers space of 26.25-inches by 22-inches. Thus, you’ll get plenty of space to support your piles of materials. Besides, whenever you’re not using your push stick and Site-Pro Guard elements, you can store them in its onboard storage at ease.

And the great news is that you can set an 8-inch dado blade having a max width of 13/16-inch into it. Aside from that, if you set this DWE7491RS from DEWALT at 90-degrees, you’ll get a 3.125-inch depth of cut. And at 45-degrees, you’ll get a 2.25-inch cut.

We humans just don’t get satisfied that easily, do we? That’s the reason this 10-inch table saw comes with massive 32 ½-inches of rip capacity. As a result, you’ll be able to cut through larger trim as well as shelving materials.

Plus, to help you make the dado cuts effortlessly, it is equipped with a 15amp motor. Whether you’ve hardwoods or treated lumber in your hand, you’ll have the power to cut through.

Working with wood means lots of dust, which is harmful to you to breathe in. Well, to save you from such pollutants, this table saw integrates a dust collection system and a 2-inch port. You can connect it to your vacuum cleaner so that you can clean up the dust quickly and easily.

Moreover, it incorporates big heavy-duty wheels for you to move it all over your working site swiftly. Furthermore, you can easily set up its rolling stand and break it down after your work is done.

Highlighted Features

  • Provides plenty of space to support materials
  • Supports 8-inch dado blades for convenience
  • Rip capacity of 32 ½-inches to handle bigger trim
  • 15-Amp motor to supply adequate power
  • Dust collection system for ease of cleaning
  • Effortless to move by the heavy-duty wheels

2. Makita 2705 Contractor Table Saw

Most of the contractors look for a table saw that offers power, precision, and ease of use. With that thought in mind, we bring you the 2705 Contractor Table Saw from Makita. Several high-end features have been integrated into this sleek and stylish saw that’ll blow you away.

The power of a table saw is undoubtedly an essential factor, since it’s going to be used for cutting different materials. Well, this monster right here boasts a 15-Amp motor providing 4,800 RPM. So, you can realize how powerful it is!

At a 90-degree angle, this powerful engine will give you a 3 5/8-inch deep cut, whereas at 45-degree you’ll get a 2 ½-inch depth of cut. And yeah, 2705 from Makita accepts 6 × 13/16-inch dado blade, which is pretty uncommon yet helpful.

Unlike others, this table saw integrates two anti-kickback mechanisms into its base. In addition, it has a brilliantly designed blade guard that’ll give you a clear view of the blade while contacting your material. You, therefore, can safely do your work with no trouble.

The amazing thing about this table saw is that you’re going to adore its electric brake. Whenever you feel that things are starting to go wrong, turn it off within milliseconds by using its large switch.

Besides, you can easily take down or adjust its tool-less blade guard that comes with the cam lock. You can also set-up this 2705 for cutting by taking the measurement from its blade to the rip fence pretty swiftly, thanks to its dual side guards.

Nevertheless, whenever you go for dado, through and non-through cuts, you can adjust its riving knife into 3 different positions by using the release lever.

Highlighted Features

  • Provides powerful 4,800 RPM speed by the 15-amp motor
  • 2 anti-kickback mechanisms to prevent injury
  • Well-designed blade guard to give a proper view
  • Ensures safety by the electrical brake
  • Tool-less blade guard for ease of installation

3. Metabo HPT C10RJS Table Saw – Best Budget Table Saw

If you’re looking for something that’ll allow you to work in a rugged environment, you should consider the C10RJS table saw from Metabo HPT. Its reliable performance will help you to complete your DIY projects comfortably and effortlessly.

With this table saw, you’re going to get a pretty handful of great features, among which soft-start is our favourite one. That’s because, typically, this type of tool produces a bit of noise. But its soft-start system will reduce the noise so that you can work peacefully for hours.

Plus, there’re possibilities that you’ll lose control over a table saw often, which can cause serious damage. No worries, it has an oversized power switch at your knee level so that you can shut it down when things go south while working.

You can use the C10RJS from Metabo HPT for doing rip-saw and cross-cutting through ordinary wood, hardwood, and plywood. And the credit goes to its mighty 15-amp motor that gives 4,500 RPM of power to meet your working needs.

Another important aspect to mention is its telescopic extension system that supports a 35-inch rip capacity to the right. It also offers a 22-inch rip capacity to the left. If you need 3 1/8-inches cut, then use this table at 90-degrees; and at 45-degrees, you’ll get 2 ¼-inches cut.

Plus, if you’re worried about dado cuts, then you can wave away that anxiety. As it can accept 8 × 13/16-inches dado blade, you’ll be able to make dado cuts at ease.

As it stands, the C10RJS 10-inch table boasts a fold and roll stand coupled with rugged legs. Thus, you can easily break it and set it up according to your need without missing the stability. Not only that, but the stand also has wheels so that you can move it over the toughest terrain smoothly.

In addition, there’s a single dust port integrated into this table. Further, you’ll get a blade guard, 40-tooth 10-inch carbide tipped blade, Anti-kickback Pawl Assembly, push stick, wrenches, miter gauge assemblies, and rip fence. Phew, enough to get you going.

Highlighted Features

  • Minimizes noise by the soft-start feature
  • Power switch to provide safety in an uncontrolled situation
  • Offers working convenience by the telescopic extension
  • Stands with rugged legs to give stability
  • Easy to move around by the wheels

4. SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw (PCS31230-TGP252)

You don’t want to risk your life for work as well as money. That’s why the major thing to make sure of while working with a table saw is unparalleled safety. With that being said, we bring to you the professional cabinet saw from SawStop.

It’s spine-chilling to even imagine if, unfortunately, your hand gets in contact with the spinning blade. But even if that happens, its blade is going to halt in less than 5 milliseconds, dropping the blade down the table. Thus, you’d be saved by a mere scratch rather than a life-altering injury.

The safety bar doesn’t stop here. This cabinet saw from SawStop integrates the main power switch along with a lockout key so that toddlers or children can’t activate it by mistake.

In addition to that, there’s a large switch placed at your knee level. As a result, if your hands are busy, you can turn it on or off by a hard push just like that.

It’s not all about safety, but it also got the power. Yes, it runs on a powerful 3HP motor to give you more than enough power for accurate cutting. Thus, you’ll be able to work on different types of woods at ease.

Plus, it comes with a 36-inch T-Glide fence that is made of strong thick-gauge steel. As a result, you’ll be able to take the precise measurement for cutting your materials smoothly.

On top of that, this SawStop cabinet saw shows off a dust collection blade that works with the shroud. It helps taking away the dust into the 4-inch dust port. That way, it removes 99% of dust, providing you a clean environment.

Now since you’re looking for a table saw that supports dado cuts, you’ll be delighted to know that it supports an 8-inch dado blade. Aside from that, it supports 10-inch blades of all standards too.

Though it’s a bulky heavyweight table saw, you can move it quite easily. Can’t believe it? Well, here’s the thing, you can lift it up by the one-foot operation and move it by its incorporated two 360-degree casters within a snap.

Highlighted Features

  • Stops the blade when the skin touches it to provide utmost safety
  • Prevents accidental activation by the power switch
  • 3HP motor to offer sufficient power for cutting
  • T-Glide fence for accurate measurement
  • 360-degree casters for moving effortlessly

5. Grizzly G1023RL Cabinet Table Saw

Last on our list is the G1023RL table saw from Grizzly. Though you may not like its look, we can bet that its important features will certainly sweep you off your feet. So, let’s check them out.

This table doesn’t only look strong, but it’s literally a solid construction. High-quality cast-iron has been used to make this beast so that you get the maximum support to do your work conveniently.

Unlike others that get bogged while cutting hardwoods or bigger trims, this cabinet saw will do the work uninterruptedly. Well, you can thank its 3 HP motor that can produce 3450 RPM – allowing you to handle any piece of wood at ease. 

Additionally, it integrates a belt system, which is Poly-V serpentine, so that when the motor is running, power can transfer more efficiently. Not only that, but this system also reduces noise.

Speaking of cutting woods, you want dado cuts, right? Well, obviously, that’s why you’re here. Well, its arbor has a 5/8-inch diameter that can easily accept 13/16-inch dado blades.

Aside from that, you’ll be able to make a 3-inch depth of cut at a 90-degree angle as well as a 2 1/8-inch cut at a 45-degree angle by this saw.

The G1023RL from Grizzly is a nicely designed table saw that comes with a dust port connected to the lower portion of the blade. That way, this saw collects all the messy wood pieces to keep your surroundings dust-free. As a consequence, you’ll breathe fresh air with less cleaning.

Another important aspect of this tool is its fence system, along with a lock knob. With this, you’ll be able to achieve even the minor adjustment pretty accurately, and it’s quite easy to handle.

Highlighted Features

  • Durable and sturdy owing to cast-iron construction
  • Supplies ample power by the 15-amp motor
  • Poly-V serpentine to cut down the noise
  • Provides a healthy environment by the dust collection system
  • Fence system for getting minor adjustments effortlessly

How to Make Dado Cuts with a Table Saw?

There are different approaches for using the table saw for dado cuts. Using a table saw is possibly the most famous method for cutting a dado. The technique involves engaging a stack cutter in the place of the regular circular blade normally found on table saws.

The saw blades housed by a dado head includes two pieces of 8-inch diameter blades and 1/8-inch blades. The blades have chippers. The flexibility of having different sizes of dado cuts involves removing or adding chippers. The range of dado width is between ¼ inch to ¾ inch. By making passes through the saw, you can cut really wide dadoes. 

A radial arm saw and a table saw are compatible with the stacked dado head cutter sets. The documentation of tools will reveal how it works with the radial arm saw or table saw. It can be very hazardous to use the cutting set of dado heads with circular saws that are hand-operated. It can lead to serious injuries. 

Using a wobble dado set is an alternative that some people opt for, but it comes with its disadvantages. This dado set is actually a single saw blade that is set on the required adjustable spindle. Changing the width of dado cuts is done by tweaking the blade angle of the spindle. A wobble dado set is a valid option when you consider the price. It is really cheaper.

While being less expensive, the results are less controlled and can be very rough or unexpected. I personally recommend using a different tool or saving up your cash for a stacked, high-quality dado set. Honestly, the extra money spent is totally worth it.

Factors for Choosing the Best Table Saw For Dado Cuts

Collection of Dust

The factor is not only relating to work efficiency; it is important in safeguarding your health. The presence of a blade guard that serves as a dust collector is a major feature I always look out for. The size and symmetry should be optimal enough to not disturb your work processes. That rate at which the dust is controlled counts a lot, too, even though it is impractical to totally get the dust particles absorbed. I personally fancy the port diameter of dust collection not being less than 5 inches.


You definitely want your table saw to be movable. That will give you the freedom to work at different positions, to suit various purposes. There are a lot of mobile bases that are professionally integrated with efficient wheels that give you that 360 degrees of motion.

The casters must be multi-directional to make room for adjustments. Look out for a table with supported mechanical lifts for the saw, either with single motion or multiple strokes. Hydraulically assisted pistons are also great. They contribute to the longevity of lift components.

Some table saws have conversion kits that dash out multiple options of casters that can be easily replaced at will. I prefer foot pumps to knobs because my hands are free for other things. Foot pumps provide pedals that can get saw moved with few strikes.

The weight of the table saw also influences mobility. For workshop purposes, less than 500 lbs. of weight is usually appropriate. You surely don’t need all that extra weight; it doesn’t necessarily translate to high-quality manufacturing materials.

T-glide Fence

The presence of a good t-glide fence is worth picking an option of a table over others that lack the feature. This professional tool helps you with extensive surfaces for work, smoother operations, more precision, deflection canceling for secured lockdowns, and other advantages. The t-glide fences may come as an optional accessory, or it may be a primary feature; that doesn’t matter. Having it is more important.

Motor specifications

Like a lot of workshop equipment, the motor’s capacity actually dictates how the whole set up works. The motor specifications include details like the horsepower, required current, required voltage, and phase. With the 60Hz TEFC configuration, 13 amperes and 230 volts are befitting for a one-phase option. About three horsepower for the motor will be more than sufficient for the basic operations.

Storage System 

This is usually underrated by clumsy technicians. The workflow and ethics are not efficient or even professional if you don’t have organized access to your needed tools. Don’t just liter the table unnecessarily with tools you are not actively handling at the moment. A well-structured storage system will grant you accessibility to instruments like wrenches, gauges, fence, riving knives, blade guard assembly, cords, and wraps. The typical storage system has divisions that make you have different tools at different places.

Skin Detection

This innovation is really a beautiful one, and it prevents serious injuries from occurring. The blade of the table saw is made to carry minute charges of electricity. These charges are conductible by the human skin. Once the conduction of such a signal is detected, the safety system is triggered, and the saw is automatically stopped. A brake that is mostly made of aluminum crosses the part of the blade and halts the rotation when the safety signal is activated. The subsequent angular momentum moves the blade beneath the surface as a further safety measure, and it all happens in less than ten milliseconds. After the whole scenario, you need to reset the saw, and that is not a hard task. This function is totally awesome and very progressive with safety considerations.

Extra Components

Your table saw package should definitely come with a couple of items. Different manufacturers include different components, but some things are essential to have. The Jobsite table saw is the primary content of your package. Other components like 10-inch 24-Tooth Carbide Blade, Push Stick, rolling stand, and Miter Gauge are welcome. I am not saying that is all to expect but those contents are pretty paramount and common for table saw packages. It might be more or less, but the come-along contents can definitely influence the options you prioritize.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is a dado cut?

Dado cuts are long narrow channels made on a board for various purposes. Such channels are also known as grooves. They also serve as a slot. Dado cuts can hold door panels, drawer bottoms, and others.

2. What is the best dado blade for table saws?

There are a couple of great dado blades for table saws, but I have a recommendation. I think the DEWALT Dado Blade Set, 8-Inch, 24-Tooth (DW7670) might be the best in the market. It has amazing features that you can’t resist. With 24 teeth, the size is 15 x 3.25 x 12.5 inches, and weight is 9.08 Pounds.

3. Are dado blades dangerous?

Dado blades can be very dangerous; you need to be very careful with them. Don’t ever use dado heads for the purpose of rabbeting stocks that are narrow. It has led to a lot of incidences where fingers have been chopped off. Once such a cut is done, nothing supports the workpiece, and the instantaneous ejection of the stock is very violent. 

4. Can all table saws use dado blades?

Many small and medium-sized table saws have short arbors that are not safe for using a fully stacked set of dado blades. Such an issue is not valid when it is a single saw blade you are using. Thread is not enough for the nut when the dado head is ¾ inches. Some possible solutions to the problem exist but be adequately sure before trying anything.

5. Can I use an 8” dado blade on a 10” table saw?

Yes, definitely. The goal is to ensure the arbor diameter is sufficient for your radial arm saw, or table saw while the dado blade is shorter than the arbor’s length. You can surely use 8-inch dado blades on 10-inch table saws.

Final Words

We’ve listed the best table saw for dado cuts and discussed all of their major as well as minor details.

We’ve pointed their strengths so that you can easily figure out which one will suit you the best. Our belief is that if you go for any of our products, you’ll be able to make the grooves without trouble.

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