10 Best Miter Saw For Beginners [Reviewed in 2023]

If you want to start woodwork out of a hobby or you want to try out something new, then the best miter saw for beginners is something you need for sure.

Miter saw is a very handy tool that helps you do your woodwork with ease. It helps you to make precise cuts at different angles, and the cuts will be very smooth as well.

Best miter saw for beginners

In the case of saws, you will find many debates and arguments on the internet. Some say one better than the other, and there are arguments about the types of saw as well. As a beginner, you might get very confused going through all that; therefore, to help you, we have reviews some of the top miters saw for beginners.

Best Beginners Miter Saw Reviews

Finding good quality miter saws does not have to be tough anymore. Now you can select any miter saw from our list and rest assured that it will be a good one.

1. DEWALT 20V MAX 7-1/4-Inch Miter Saw

An easy to maintain and mess-free miter saw that we are sure anyone will love. Other features include:

This kind of positioning is vital in a tool if you are a beginner and want to learn more about cutting. An XPS cross-cutting system helps your positioning with the material. This ensures that you get more precise and accurate cuts every time.

It is a must-have if you are a beginner and have taken on a woodworking project that you cannot afford to mess up. Thanks to this feature, you can now get professional-grade cuts for materials right at home!

What we all hate after a good old day of cutting stuff with our miter saw is collecting the dust afterward. This can be tiring after a long day.

The collecting tray that you get with this Dewalt miter saw is one of the handiest features of this tool. You can collect all kinds of dust and debris that fall out from your work and get rid of it in seconds.

There is no need to do any additional clean-up after you’re done with your work when you’re working with this model.

The ability to adjust the detent plate and choosing from 10 positive spots further adds to your capability of getting more accurate cuts for your work. Who doesn’t love having a bit more flexibility in their working tools?

Special Features

  • XPS Cross-cutting
  • No Mess
  • Adjustable stainless steel miter Plate


  • Collecting tray gives you a mess-free work station
  • 10 positive spots available for better cuts
  • Ability to adjust the detent plate according to your work
  • XPS cross-cutting positioning for mistake-free professional-grade cuts every time


  • Not the most powerful motor
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2. Bosch GCM12SD Dual-Bevel Sliding Glide Miter Saw

We understand that this might not be the cheapest miter saw on our list, but you have to trust us when we saw that it is worth it. Here’s why:

Mainly this tool is worth the money because of its durability. With other kinds of miter saws, you sometimes have to change a few parts and also get repairs done. This can be more costly in the long run.

With a durable and strong build, there is no way this miter saw will need any kind of repairs shortly. Even the blades that the miter saw uses are more resistant to rust and will last you a long time before needing replacement.

The blades remain sharp for a very long time.

Thanks to the patented axial-glide system, you can use this miter saw in any part of your house. This thing does not take up much space and can be moved easily as well. This is also because the tool is lightweight as well.

You also get pneumonic wheels that are 8 inches for easier movement of the tool.

Although this is a fully portable miter saw, this has the capability of taking in materials that are up to 16 feet long. This is the most amount a fully portable miter saw can take.

Special Features

  • Compact design
  • High Material Cutting Capacity
  • Durable construction


  • 8-inch pneumonic wheels for easier movement
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Blades remain sharper for a long time
  • It Will lasts you ages without needing replacements or maintenance
  • Has the capability of taking in work that is 16 inches in length


  • Expensive
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3. CRAFTSMAN V20 7-1/4-Inch Sliding Miter Saw Kit

Now, this is the miter saw you need to check out if you are on a budget. Not all good quality products have to cost you a fortune, and this is an example of that.

At a price like this, you can rarely get a tool with a speed of 800 RPM. This speed is remarkable for a tool with such a lightweight structure. The motor that it has 3800 RPM. Overall this is quite a powerful and productive tool that any woodworker could use.

Also, at a price like this, this is a great miter saw for beginners and anyone who is looking for a backup miter saw for their home or office.

The blades on this tool have the capacity of holding 8-inch work. The blades cross cut at a 90-degree angle giving you sharper and more precise cuts at one go.

You use this tool to cut wood or any material of your choice vertically.

This is probably one of the most lightweight miter saws on our lists as the tool only weighs 21 pounds. You can carry the whole thing by hand with no wheels needed!

There are handles on the side that are attached to the miter saw for easier transportation. The handles are ergonomic and ensure you get a good grip of the product even though it doesn’t weigh much.

Special Features

  • Great Durable Carbide Blade
  • Lightweight


  • Powerful 3800 RPM motor with 800 RPM speed
  • Cuts at 90-degree angles and has an 8-inch capacity
  • Weighs only 21 lbs.
  • Comes with handles attached to the body
  • Affordable; great for beginners or as a backup


  • Not great for construction work
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4. Metabo HPT C10FCGS Compound Miter Saw – Best Budget Miter Saw

Metabo is a fairly new brand for miter saws. But it is no less than any of the existing brands in the market. You will love this saw for cutting wood at one go.

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The reason why we put this miter saw on our list is mainly because of its speed.  This has a speed of 5000 RPM.  Therefore you can use this tool whenever you are in a hurry or need to get work done very soon.

We highly recommend getting this tool if you are a professional woodworker or someone who works at a construction site.

The 10-inch compound miter saw is powered by a 15 amp motor. This machine is powerful enough to cut through any kind of material, making this an even better choice for construction work. The blades on the miter saw are made to last through any kind of cut, no matter how thick the material is.

For better flexibility, you can adjust the miter range from 0 to 52 degrees.

This miter saw blades also last you a long time and are completely rust-resistant.

You can carry this to your job or your office with ease. This is because the tool weighs only 24 lbs. you can carry it with your hands with no machine, lever, or wheels needed.

Special Features

  • High-Speed performance
  • Blades are sharper and more precise
  • Easy to carry anywhere


  • Ability to adjust miter angle range and bevel cuts range
  • Weighs only 24 lbs; can be carried anywhere
  • 10-inch blades that can cut through the toughest of materials
  • Powered by a 15 amp powerful motor
  • Gives you high speed 5000 RPM service


  • Assembly required
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5. Makita XSL06PT 18V 10″ Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser Kit

Another product from Makita. This is a brand that we love when it comes to buying miter saws. Not only does the brand give you durable products, but the products are also reasonably priced.

Connecting a wire to your miter saw can restrict your movements. This limits your flexibility when working with the tool. If that is a problem that you are facing as well, you can try out this Matika miter saw.

With the help of 2 LXT lithium-ion batteries, this is the miter saw you need if you want to move freely without a wire pulling you back.

With just one charge, these batteries will give you hours of service. The tool does take a while to fully charge, but you only need to charge it ever so often. Plus, it has an innovative gearbox and guard system which provides excellent capacity for vertical cutting tasks and crown molding.

A brushless motor helps eliminate all sorts of carbon brushes. This helps keep the tool much cooler. So you can run it for longer hours without worrying about overheating. This keeps the miter saw away from all kinds of serious damages and also makes the tool more long-lasting in the long haul.

Depending on the material you are cutting, the machine will change the speed and the torque for the best cutting experience. This gives you a more efficient and faster result as you do not have to stop making any adjustments.

Special Features

  • Battery Powered
  • Cooler
  • Automatic Speed Change


  • Runs on rechargeable batteries
  • Lasts for ling hours
  • Speed is automatically adjusted depending on the kind of material at the use
  • Brushless motor prevent carbon brush and keeps the device cooler and makes it more durable


  • Changing the angle cur manually can be a bit difficult
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6. DEWALT DWS780 12″ Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

On top of our list, we have a saw that we are sure won’t let you down. Get this one if you are not sure about which saw will fit you the best. This will last you a long time and will perform great!

To help you make better and more accurate cuts, there is a new XPS cross-cutting system. It will help you make cuts without having to do readjustments.

This miter detent plate is adjustable and comes with ten stops that you can use to get more productive and efficient results. Not only it makes your work more efficient, but it is more accurate as well.

The machine itself is compact. This is so that you can use this in any room comfortably. There is no need to make up extra room for your new miter saw. You can now just adjust this to any table, and you’re good to go.

With that, this also comes with handy handles that you can use to move the tool around. This handle is easy to grip and does not give you any scabs.

Thankfully, this one from Dewalt has an advanced dust collecting system that will easily collect the dust from all the cutting. You can later on just throw the dust off of the tray without having to do any dusting or sweeping.

Special Features

  • More Accurate Cutting
  • Portability design
  • Cleaner


  • Comes with handles that make moving the machine faster
  • An advanced dust collecting system gives you a cleaner workspace
  • XPS cutting system gives you accurate cuts without having to make adjustments
  • Miter plate has 10 stops that give you more efficient results


  • Not the most lightweight

7. Bosch CM10GD Compact Miter Saw

Getting a power tool that allows wider cross cuts is a blessing these days. The Bosch CM10GD is one of those amazing miter saws that give you wider cuts.

This miter saw gives you cutting control at all angles. Chop locks can be locked in position so that you have more capacity.

There is no sliding rail system in this model. This helps save you space. The compact design is more practical and work-friendly.

The whole thing will take just about 10 inches. So you can fit this into any workspace, no matter the space limitations. This also makes the tool very easy to carry on to your job sites and your home after you are done working.

If you are someone who works with the miter saw all day long, you know how tiring and exhausting the cutting can be on your hands. What can come in handy in a situation like this is a cutting tool that has an ergonomic elastomer grip.

This model has a large handle that you can grab on to while making your cuts. There is foam padding on this handle, and it is made to fit any hand size comfortably.

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A clear lower blade guard makes sure you can see everything clearly for better cuts and more accurate outcomes.

Special Features

  • Better Control
  • Compact
  • Comfortable


  • Gives you control over all cutting angles
  • Has foam paddings on handles
  • Large ergonomic handles are better and easier to hold on to for long hours
  • A clear lower guard gives you maximum visibility


  • Does not give you a professional-grade cut finish

8. MILWAUKEE Cordless Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Durability is something that we look for in all kinds of products. This is something that we cannot ignore. The Milwaukee miter saw will last you ages.

Made with pure steel and metal construction, this miter saw is practically unbreakable. It will last you forever. This is what makes this tool so nice for construction work or for a job that requires traveling.

You do not have to worry about anything harming the construction of the tool.

Although this is made of such durable material, the miter saw is not too heavy. It weighs only 45 pounds.

Now, this cordless miter saw operates on batteries. You can replace the batteries or charge them as well. It makes sure that you can move around as you wish when working. This is also great as you might not get a free power supply socket everywhere you go.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that there is no adapter included with the purchase. So if you wanted to use the tool with a wire source, you would have to buy an adapter yourself and also make some serious tweaks to the miter saw itself.

The batteries allow the device to run for a very long time without overheating. You won’t have to stop in between your work to let the machine cool down; we know how frustrating that can be on a busy day of work.

Special Features

  • Cordless, great for construction work
  • Long Run Time


  • Runs for a long time without needing breaks
  • Runs on batteries; no cords required
  • Made with durable material but is not heavy
  • Weighs 45 pounds and has a handle that can be used to carry the tool with


  • No adapter for using with wire included

9. TACKLIFE Sliding Miter Saw

We highly recommend getting this miter saw if you deal with a lot of different kinds of materials on a day-to-day basis. This powerful miter saw will be able to handle almost anything without causing damage to itself.

With this miter saw, you get a sharp 40 tooth blade. The tungsten blade is rust-resistant as well. This is what makes this tool so appropriate for cutting any kind of material.

A sharp tooth blade like this one needs fewer replacements as well because of the high-quality construction. It just stays sharp for a longer time. This blade also gives you smoother cuts that are of professional quality.

The 15 amp motor helps run this miter saw at high speed so you can cut through materials faster. This has a 3800 RPM speed, so you can cut through all kinds of stuff like it is butter.

Mostly this tool is ideal for cutting aluminum, glass, wood, and also plastic.

An added laser marker makes your work much easier. This will track the position of the cuts in real-time, giving you an easy guideline to follow. You also get with your purchase an extendable table with vice clamping so that you can hold on to your materials better.

Special Features

  • Marked laser guide
  • powerful motor with sharper blades


  • Laser real-time cutting guidelines provided
  • 40 tooth tungsten blades that can cut through anything
  • 3800 RPM speed for faster cuts
  • Great for cutting wood, glass, plastic, and also aluminum


  • some screws might be missing in the purchased kit that you have to get on your own

10. SKIL 3821-01 12-Inch Quick Mount Compound Miter Saw

We end our list with a product that will suit both beginners and professionals. This is a miter saw that we are sure you all will love.

The machine is a unique kind of miter saw. It gives out a laser lien that indicates where you need to cut.

You can put in the type of cut you want to make, and the machine will set out a laser giving you a guideline on where to put the saw.

This is a feature that will help all beginners and professionals as well. If you want a mistake-free cut, this is the miter saw to go for.

Positive stops make working more flexible. You get to adjust these according to the material you are cutting for a more precise and pristine cut and finish. Often this is the feature that sets other miter saws apart from good ones.

This feature is a must-have if you like your work done fast and easily. There is little to no installation the first time you set this thing up for work. Afterward, when you are traveling with the tool, this is as easy as operating an easy bake oven.

The quick-mount system on a stand will have your miter saw ready for cutting in minutes. This is a hassle-free option that we are sure you will love.

Special Features

  • Quick and easy installation
  • 9 added positive stops
  • Laser-cut guideline


  • Easy setup, quick mountable
  • Comes with 9 positive stops that are easy to adjust
  • Thrown a laser light to show you where to cut
  • Works great for professional and at-home DIY crafts


  • Might be too powerful at times

What To Look For When Buying a Miter saw

Apart from the review of the miter saws- you need to keep some points in mind to make the best purchase for yourself. These points will give you a better understanding.

best miter saw for beginners


It often happens that you want to buy a product, but because of not know what exactly to buy, you end up buying the wrong product. Perhaps the product has a lot of different types in the product line.

Each type of product is made for specific work, and using the right type for the right work will make the work very easy for you.

The case is very similar to the case of miter saws. There are lots of different type of miter saw which is made for specific work or is best suited for a specific work.

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Since you are a beginner buying the wrong type of miter saw will prove to be very inconvenient for you. The types of miter saws are listed below for your better understanding.

Standard Miter Saw

This is a very simple type of miter saw. The standard miter saw is also known as a chop saw. You have probably heard of the chop saw before. If you haven’t, then a chop saw, or a standard miter saw is a tool that has a circular blade that rotates at high speed to give you the perfect cut.

However, with this saw, you can only make 90-degree cuts.

Single Compound Miter Saw

This type of miter saw is a bit more advance than the one listed above. Unlike standard miter saw, you can make angled cuts with this type. The swingarm of this type is flexible.

It can be moved so you can make more precise and angled miter cuts as you desire. You also get a great finishing with this type as it allows you to make beveled cuts.

Dual Compound Miter Saw

Now, this type of miter saw is more convenient compared to the other two types. The reason why it is convenient is that the swing arm of this type moves on both sides.

Unlike a single bevel compound miter saw which moved in only one direction, a dual compound miter saw moves in both directions, so it is more convenient for you to make cuts. The cuts also have a great finishing.

Compound Sliding Miter Saw

This type of miter saw is best for those who frequently work will big and wide wood pieces. It allows you to put a sliding rail with it. The sliding rails help to cut the bit wood pieces with easy.

All you need to do is place the wood piece, put the swing arm down, and pull the rails, and you will get the perfect cut as you desire.


Once you are done selecting the type, the next important point is the size of the blade. The size of the blade is very important because it will determine the type and width of the wood piece you will be able to cut.

 If you buy a size that is too small, then you will only be able to cut small wood pieces. But if you buy too big, then you can cut big pieces with ease. However, cutting small pieces will become difficult for you.

That is why go for a size that allows you to work with most wood pieces. There should be a balance in size that allows you to cut both relatively big and small pieces with ease. For this, it is recommended to get 12 inches blade for home use that will be the perfect size for your work.


The power of the motor of the saw can act as an advantage or a disadvantage. If the power is high, then obviously, the saw will cut very dense pieces very easily. And if the power is low, then you will need more time to get the cut. However, getting a high amp motor is not always the right decision.

Sometimes you will need to cut a dense wood piece, but cutting it high power saw at high speed might ruin the wood piece. The cut might not have a good finishing, and there might be cracks in the wood pieces. For this type of wood, you need to cut at a slow speed.

So go for miter saws which allow you to adjust the speed and power. This will allow you to work with different types of wood.


Since you are a beginner, you probably will use the miter saw in your house. Most DIY enthusiast or one who does woodwork for hobby use tends to use and keep their useful tools at home. That is the reason why the portability of the saw is a big issue.

The tool will occupy your home place, and you might need to move it at any time. You might also store the saw in your garage and then take it to the lawn to use it. So if the saw is not portable or gives you a lot of trouble when you try to move it, then the saw will be very inconvenient for users.

That is why go for a miter saw which is very easy to carry and move. More or less, all the miter saws that we have listed above are very light in weight compared to other miter saws in the market. This feature will help you to easily carry and move the miter saw anywhere you like.


Apart from being a very useful tool, miter saws can also cause a fatal accident. After all, it has a cutting blade. If you are not careful while using it, then you can easily injure yourself.

That is why you should emphasize more on the safety issues. There is a miter saw with anti-slipping grips and safety locks which enhances the safety level of the saw.

Make sure you get a miter saw with these kinds of features. These features will make you work tension-free. You have to worry less about safety. These features will keep you away from accidents. The miter saws that we have listed above have advanced safety features, so they are very safe to use.


Woodwork is great to work on, which requires a lot of time and effort. If you are planning to get into this field, then a miter saw is a must for you.

We appreciate your effort in trying out a new hobby or trying to get a new tool for your workstation, and as a token of our appreciation, we have reviewed some of the top options for the best miter saw for beginners.

So you at least don’t have to worry about buying the wrong miter saws.

This article will help give you a better understanding of miter saws. Make sure you buy the miter saw while keeping all the points in mind. This will help you to buy the perfect miter saw according to your need.

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