7 Best Dewalt Router Reviews [Buyers Guide for 2023]

Dewalt is a well-known brand in the field of power tools. They have been producing quality products for over 100 years, and they are still going strong today!

They make everything from drills to saws and various other specialty items like wood routers. The Dewalt wood router is a great tool for professionals and hobbyists woodworkers that can take on most tasks, including routing and edge jointing.

Best Dewalt Router

Are you looking for the best Dewalt router that will meet your needs or budget? If so, then this is the article for you. We have compiled a list of some of the top models on the market today. There are many great options, but we have narrowed it down to seven that are sure to meet your needs.

What’s the Best Dewalt Router Today?

If you don’t have time to read through the whole thing (honestly, we wouldn’t blame you), here’s a summary where you can look at our choices for the best Dewalt wood routers:

1. Best Router for Beginners and Newbies: DEWALT Fixed Base Router (DW618B3)

“It’s a little expensive, but the DW618B3’s combination of features like 2 ¼ HP, smooth plunge action, and adjustable speed settings makes it perfect for beginners.”

2. Overall Best Combination of Features: DEWALT 20V Cordless Router (DCW600B)

“Woodworking routers probably don’t get any better than the DCW600B. This router provides smooth, consistent performance and has convenient features.”

3. Best Router for Extended Periods of Use: DEWALT 1-1/4-HP Trim Router (DWP611)

“There’s no question about it. None of Dewalt’s routers match up to the DWP611 when it comes to extended periods of use. This router can go up to five hours without overheating.”

4. Cheapest Router with Decent Performance: DEWALT 1-3/4-HP Fixed Base Router (DW616)

“The DW616’s cheap price may make you think otherwise, but this affordable product comes with surprisingly good features like a nickel-plated motor housing and ergonomic handles.”

5. Best Plunge Action Router: DEWALT 3-HP Variable Speed Router (DW625)

“The DW625 is a fairly average router on all counts except its plunge action. A conveniently located switch and smooth performance come together for the perfect plunge-action router.”

6. Best Router for Working on Different Types of Wood: DEWALT Plunge Base Variable Speed Router (DW618PK)

“The DW618PK router is the best router for working on most types of wood, like maple, teak, oak, and others. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll need a suitable bit!”

7. Most Comprehensive Woodworking Kit: DEWALT DW618PKB Fixed Base/Plunge Router Kit

“If you need an edge guide to go along with your router, this router comes with the DW6913 Router Edge, which fits all Dewalt Routers.”

Top 7 DEWALT Router Reviews

1. DEWALT Fixed Base Router (DW618B3)

We’re off the mark with the DEWALT DW618B3 model, one of the best Dewalt products you’ll find on the market today.

Let’s talk about Horsepower first. Horsepower requirements vary with the intended use of the router, but this unit’s 2 and a ¼ HP is more than enough for professional woodworkers who need powerful performance and weekend hobbyists replacing a broken-down panel.

Like most good routers, the Dewalt DW618B3 comes with variable speed settings to allow you to customize the router’s performance. You can adjust its speed setting anywhere from 8,000 to 24,000 RPM.

You know how sometimes BOSCH router jerks a bit and chips off an edge? With this Dewalt router’s soft start feature, you can prevent that effortlessly.

It’s relatively inexpensive compared to Dewalt’s other routers, and from everything we see, feels absolutely fantastic to use for any purpose.

However, be warned of one thing: the trigger starts stiff. The good thing is that it has a cliff, so it gets down to about half of the original pressure required after using it a couple of times.


  • Robust 2 ¼ HP motor perfect for professional and DIY use
  • Adjustable speed settings between 8,000 to 24,000 RPM
  • Micro-fine depth adjustment ring to enable accurate adjustments
  • Streamlined and efficient through-the-column dust collection
  • The plunge attachment fits perfectly and doesn’t feel bulky to use
  • Not too loud compared to a lot of Dewalt’s routers.


  • The router’s case is massive, so you’ll have a bit of trouble carrying it around.
  • Like we said above, the D-handle base has a highly stiff trigger.
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2. DEWALT 20V Cordless Router

Second on our list is the Dewalt DCW600B Router, a 20V brushless model that has climbed to the top of bestseller lists everywhere because of two main points: it has the best combination of features we’ve seen yet, and it’s a sturdy, feel-good product.

Let’s take that step by step, though. This router comes with a good quality 1.25 horsepower motor. While that’s a little low for heavy-duty applications, its RPM doesn’t disappoint: speed settings range between 16,000 to 25,000 RPM.

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You’ll come to love the Dewalt DCW600B’s electronic brake feature. The brake stops the motor in a couple of seconds, enabling a safer, quicker, and overall more efficient shutdown process.

The best part is that it’s a cordless router. Unlike many other routers that come as inexpensively as this one, you won’t have to mind a bulky cord that gets in the way.

We’d say the one drawback is that if you’re working on a somewhat ‘big’ project, it’s a good idea to be stocked up on batteries in advance since you’ll probably need a second or third one.

From what we saw, it’s also very well built. Unless you’re in the habit of throwing your router over your shoulder, this product should last several years.


  • Twin LED lights illuminate the workplace for clear visibility
  • The router is weighted and balanced perfectly and doesn’t feel bulky to use.
  • Constructed from durable and long-lasting materials
  • It offers excellent power for its small size and relatively inexpensive cost.
  • Cordless for good performance untethered to the wall socket
  • Brakes immediately for quick and safe shutdown


  • The speed control is somewhat inconveniently located.
  • Unless you’re using 6AH DeWalt batteries, it’s going to eat up anything smaller than that.
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3. DEWALT 1-1/4-HP Trim Router (DWP611)

It’s a little expensive, considering it’s a 1 ¼ horsepower router, but if you’re looking for a light, corded Dewalt router that gets the job done, you’ll want to consider the DWP611.

What surprised us, first of all, was the positive feedbacks from users. Dewalt doesn’t usually disappoint, but this router was highly rated by weekend hobbyists, professional woodworkers, and DIY enthusiasts.

It works like a charm both fixed to a router table and when not, and can cut anything if you have the patience to make multiple shallow cuts.

The fact that it’s probably one of the toughest units we’ve seen yet also figures into the equation. You can use this router for up to five to six hours, and while parts will get hot, it maintains the same consistent, high-quality performance.

Oh. We forgot to talk numbers, didn’t we?

The DWP611 has no-load speed settings adjustable between 16,000 to 27,000 RPM (higher than both the routers we’ve already reviewed above), a spindle-lock with 12 positions, and about 5 pounds.

People wanting a unit for heavy use will also be glad to hear that you can easily replace the bearings on this model. All in all, if you’re willing to put up with a bit of noise, the DWP611 is the router you want.


  • Maintains consistent speed even after hours of use
  • Durable metal body for longer tool life
  • Great for being used both with a router table and not
  • Clear sub-base for better visibility when using the router
  • The DWP611 comes with two tabs for quickly releasing the base.


  • We noticed that the bit tends to come loose when using it for extended periods, so you’ll want to check tightness often.
  • The LEDs on this router don’t seem to last very long.
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4. DEWALT DW618PKB Fixed Base/Plunge Router Kit

Instead of just a router, you’ll find two main items in this pack: the DW618PKB Dewalt Router with a powerful 2 ¼ HP motor and the DW6913 Router Edge Guide, a straight edge guide you can use with all Dewalt Routers.

We’ll talk about the router first. It doesn’t disappoint, especially not in power: the 12-amp motor offers versatile speed settings between 8000 to 24000 RPM, with Dewalt’s signature Soft Start feature to reduce jerkiness.

The adjustable steel motor cam lock is entirely tool-free and lets you make quick base changes while ensuring it’ll lock securely.

If you ask us, the best part about the router would have to be its smooth plunge action. It’s smooth, effortless, and very accurate, which it accomplishes using machined brass bushings and steel guide rods.

From what we saw, the DW6913 edge guide isn’t half bad either. It’ll attach to all standard shop vacuums, and you can use it with all Dewalt routers, giving it a bit of much-required versatility given it’s priced separately.

A drawback would be Dewalt’s confusing decision concerning the collets here. The ¼” collet nesting inside the ½” collet made many people unboxing it think the kit was missing the ½” collet.


  • The router works flawlessly for handheld applications and is very lightweight
  • You can detach the power cord for maintenance or replacement
  • Extremely affordable compared to Makita or BOSCH products
  • The kit comes with an extra clear sub-base for easy replacement
  • Much quieter than most of Dewalt’s 2 ¼ HP routers
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  • The insertable collet arrangement is very confusing for beginners and newbies
  • It doesn’t include the twin LEDs that most Dewalt routers do
  • The edge guide isn’t included in the kit and is priced separately
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5. DEWALT 3-HP Variable Speed Router

The most powerful motor we’ve reviewed on this buying guide yet, the Dewalt DW625 Plunge Base Router, comes in at a powerful 15-amp 3 horsepower motor, made for more heavy-duty applications that require high-quality tools.

Like most Dewalt routers, it comes with adjustable speed settings. Thankfully, the adjustable range goes from 8,000 to 22,000 RPM, meaning you can use it in a woodworking shop as well as at home.

The Dewalt 625 performs up to expectations, combining comfortable ergonomics with a powerful motor, consistent performance, and smooth plunging action.

From what we’re seeing, customers have used it for hours on end without seeing even the slightest loss of power or significant overheating, which are always two problems with extended use in most of the lower end products.

It’s also pretty ergonomic, which was a surprise if we’re honest. The handles are easy to grip and slip-proof, so your sweaty palms won’t be much of a problem.

The smooth plunging action was a big hit. We don’t want to start throwing out praise like confetti, but if we’re honest, it’s probably one of the best plunging actions you’ll find on the market today.

The rack-and-pinion style depth adjuster is pretty nice, especially when combined with the magnified scale, both of which let you make more accurate depth settings.


  • Solid and durable construction for longer tool life with a low weight of 11.2 pounds
  • The high-quality cord doesn’t get damaged easily and won’t need replacement soon.
  • Precision machined collets for accurate use
  • Easy to reach on/off switch is located in the router’s handle
  • Heavy bearings for a balanced and weighted product


  • The handles are somewhat cheaply made and don’t take much strain.
  • It’s also costly compared to some of the other Dewalt models.
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6. DEWALT Plunge Base Variable Speed Router

The Dewalt DW618PK is suitable for anybody who wants a medium-end product with good performance. It’s also an excellent product for people interested in making bookshelves.

This router comes with a powerful 12-amp motor for its low cost, offering no less than 2 ¼ horsepower. Speed settings are adjustable between 8,000 to 24,000 RPM, though if we’re right, you won’t need to change it from the default setting for most applications.

It also comes with Dewalt’s Soft Start feature, so you won’t be jerking around and ruining workpieces like you would with other cheap routers.

The Dewalt DW618PK has a lot of pros, but we picked one that looked the best to us: this router can cut through most types of wood without a problem. You can use it to work on maple and walnut without a problem, and if you’re using the right bit, it should work on oak and teak as well.

It’s also great for mounting under a table rather than over it. Some dust falls into the unit when operating upside down, but it’s easy to get out with a simple blast of hot air every weekend.

You do perform end-of-the-week maintenance… right?


  • Cheap product offering high-quality and consistent performance
  • Self-releasing collets with eight slots improve bit retention and prevent jamming
  • Dust-sealed switch protects against wood dust ingestion
  • Kit includes a sub-base concentricity gauge to help with sub-base centering
  • Great for using both tongue-and-groove bits and straight bits


  • The depth adjustment, located on the plunge base, can be challenging to reach for some people.
  • It’s also a little hard to switch between fixed and plunge bases, which is unusual for a Dewalt product.
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7. DEWALT 1-3/4-HP Fixed Base Router

The Dewalt DW616 Router has its faults, but if you’re looking for something on the cheap side, it’s a choice between the DW616 (this one) or the DW618PKB pack (which costs a little more because of the edge guide).

It’s the cheapest one we’ve seen yet, though surprisingly, it doesn’t sacrifice much in terms of features or performance. The Dewalt DW616 comes with an 11 amp, 1 ¾ horsepower motor capable of pretty okay torque.

This router has all the usual Dewalt bells and whistles, like a micro-fine depth adjustment ring and quick-release motor latches for efficient use.

A couple of things, however, came as surprises. Given its low price, we didn’t expect the rubberized, ergonomic handles on either side or the low center-of-gravity, both of which made it much easier to use.

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It’s also more suited for being mounted onto a table since the switch isn’t accessible when freehanding the router. You’ll have to take extra care given the switch’s slightly troublesome position.


  • Motor housing is nickel plated for smooth depth adjustment
  • Clear sub-base increases visibility
  • Surprisingly, the switch is dust-sealed to protect against dust ingestion
  • Easy to grip handles to make the heavy router easier to use
  • Comes with a flat top to make changing the bit easier


  • At 6.23 pounds, it’s way heavier than other Dewalt routers.
  • The switch isn’t accessible when freehanding, which is troublesome for most users.
  • It’s also a common complaint that the adjustment ring’s a little loose and results in sudden bit drops.
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Related Questions:

What does a DeWalt router do?

Dewalt wood routers are capable of doing every type of routing task. They have many benefits that include their power and speed. They can make cuts where most routers cannot. The DeWalt Router router accepts a variety of router bits, which are held by the collet, to give all kinds of cuts.

These are some of the best reasons why DEWALT wood Routers are suited for different types of users. Any task you want to undertake will be fulfilled with these top-quality machines.

Does DeWalt make cordless routers?

Yes, Dewalt makes cordless routers. Dewalt models that are ranked the highest (the most powerful) also come with a brushless motor which is lighter and runs quieter than other types of motors.
If you’re looking for the best heavy-duty cordless wood router on the market, then you’ll want to look at some of Dewalt’s models, including model DCW600B 20V Max XR Cordless Router.

How do you use a Dewalt trim router?

In order to use a Dewalt Trim Router, first choose a suitable bit from your collection and install it on the router head. In this case, you might want to use a 1/2″ Shank flush trim router Bit.

Adjust your depth setting with one wrench while you torque down the collet with another wrench on the back of your router – this will cause just enough pressure on either side of your bit for it not to slip out as you cut through tough materials like plywood or hardwood.

Now it is time to choose a router speed setting, as this will affect how much cutting power you have and the smoothness of your finished piece.

If you are using a soft wood like pine or spruce, set your machine on its lowest RPM setting – around 8000 should be good for these types of material. For hardwoods like oak or maple, you will need to get your Dewalt Trim Router up to between 16000 and 24000 RPM.

Make sure that the bit is rotating in a clockwise direction before you start routing.

Take it slow and steady when routing at first until you get comfortable with how your machine is working – this will give you more accurate results. For curves and intricate designs like cutting letters, you will need to use a combination of both hands to guide the router. Keep your fingers well clear of the bit at all times!

Once you have finished routing, release the collet locking lever and remove the bit from the machine. Give your workpiece a quick sanding to get rid of any splinters or rough edges, and you’re done!

If you are looking for a quality trim router that will handle all of your routing needs, the Dewalt DWP611 is definitely worth considering. With its powerful motor and variable speed control, this machine can handle everything from light to heavy-duty routing tasks with ease.

Final Verdict

We’ve said it before, and we’ll repeat it. Woodworking routers are expensive, and unless you’re just looking for something to use on cheap wood, you’ll want to spend a little and get a router that gives you the no-nonsense performance you need.

Picking the best Dewalt wood router wasn’t easy. We wanted a product that wouldn’t disappoint in torque and other features but was lightweight at the same time. There was only one router in the list that matched up to all of that, and then some:

The Dewalt DCW600B Router! This router’s number #1 on bestseller lists everywhere, and if you don’t believe us, head online and check it out.

You’ll find nothing but good reviews, whether it be about its robust performance, useful LEDs for illumination, or solid construction that gives it an extended tool life!

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