7 Best Router Bit for Dados [Buying guide for 2023]

A router bit can be a very important tool for many different kinds of projects. One common use is to create dados, which are slots cut into the edge of boards. The dado router bit is designed to do just that, but choosing the best router bits for dados can be a difficult task.

There are many different types of bits that have been developed over time for cutting dados, and each one has its own set of features to consider before making a purchase.

best router bit for dados

In this article, we will talk about some of the top router bits for dados that you should have in your toolbox if you want to cut dadoes.

Top 5 Router Bit for Dados Comparison Table


Product Name




SpeTool Upcut Spiral Router Bit for Dados


5.29 Ounces

Whiteside Undersize Plywood Dado Router Bits

Premium Carbide

‎‎8.3 Ounces

Yonico 1/2" Dado Router Bit Set

Carbide with Silver Induction Brazing

‎11.2 Ounces

Freud 3/8"(Dia.) Solid Carbide Up Spiral Bit


2.4 Ounces

Amana Tool 45489-S Dado Cleanout Bit


0.64 Ounces

Best Router Bit for Dados Reviews

1. SpeTool Upcut Spiral Router Bit for Dados

We are starting the review with SpeTool Spiral Router bit, one of the best router bits available in the market. It has got a huge number of customer reviews and is one of the best among the many choices you have got.

The carbide-made router bit has ½ inch shank and ½ inch cutting diameter. One can cut 2 inches and 4 inches in full length. The best thing that we noticed is that this product is the most preferred one for beginners.

The solid carbide CNC End Mill is suitable for all kinds of materials such as plywood, MDF, and even plywood. The spiral bits help in the smooth cutting of grooves and slots. Compared to cutting straight bits, it creates the perfect dados and cycles with a clear edge.

You will be amazed to see the quality of cuts and the perfect fit of the parts. Unlike other bits, this one is the most suitable if you want to cut some deep plunge mortises.

Do you know how difficult it is to cut deeper slots through hard maples? With this Spetool, you can do multiple passes easily. It is the best for industrial work. However, we want to warn you that the bit is very sharp and needs to be handled with care.


  • Up cut spiral router bit with ½ inch shank and ½ inch diameter perfect for professionals.
  • Up to 2 inches of cutting length and 4 inches for total length.
  • Provides long service along with being a perfect fit for hardwood working.
  • It can be used for smooth slots, dados, and grooves.
  • Comes with ½ inch collet


  • The collet arrangement might be slightly confusing for beginners.
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2. Whiteside 470 Router Bits – Best Router Bit for Dados in Plywood

The Whiteside Router Bits 470 3-piece set is ideal for plywood cuts. These bits will save you a lot of time while setting up routing dados for plywood panels. We have noticed how well the bits are packaged and protected in plastic containers.

These bits allow a single pass and match the size of the dado with the thickness of different plywoods. On top of that, the bits come with a layer of edge protection and oil. Every bit is machined and sharpened.

The whiteside router bits give you clean edges with the least heat. You would get smooth and sharp edges. It is well balanced and costs less than other brands such as Dewalt or Freud.

The half-inch shank is suitable for all kinds of routers, especially if you want to get small works done.

It is perfect for dados whether you are working on ½ inch or ¾-inch plywoods. If you can use the right bit for the work, you will get the perfect fit. However, most customers had to say that the dado was too tight.

As these sets do not come with a separate ¼ inch shank, you might have to get one separately. We want to bring to your notice that it’s not good with baltic birch. A second pass is simply unavoidable. Overall, the bit quality is good, worth the price.

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  • Whiteside router bits are of premium quality because of carbide material.
  • Product is of top-level industry standard.
  • Sharp but comes with edge protection and oil.


  • The dimension is not accurate as 15/32 inches.
  • The 23/32 inch bit does not provide longevity.
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3. Yonico 1/2″ Dado Router Bit Set

Yonico offers you the best 3 set bits within your budget. These bits will give you the perfect dados. It is a little narrow or undersized to match the thickness of the plywood.

The set is in itself amazing as it comes with three different bits of 1/2, inch ¼ inch, and ½ inch dado bits for plywood. All of the shanks are ½ inch. With this set, you can get all your work done as these are the standard sizes and are always on demand.

We were quite surprised to see the versatility of these bits. These are suitable for both CNC machines as well as handheld routers. So, you are no longer limited to only tabletop routers.

On testing the quality of the Yonico router bits 14323, we found that the edges were quite sharp and had no debris left at the end.

At times customers are worried about the quality of such bits as their price is a little low. However, you will be glad to know that you don’t need to cut multiple lines for a deep cut.

If you are new or at an intermediate level, you can get this set as the overall quality and performance are amazing, keeping its price in mind.


  • Great strength and durability due to silver brazing.
  • Tungsten carbide blades provide long-lasting strength.
  • Being undersized helps match thickness.
  • Perfect for deep cuts.


  • Bits are not sized as per the labels.
  • Bits dull off after a few times of usage.
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4. Freud 3/8″(Dia.) Solid Carbide Up Spiral Bit

No doubt Freud is a well-known brand for router bits and other woodworking products. The Freud ⅜ “ carbide up spiral bit comes with a ½” shank and is perfect for dadoes and grooves in all sorts of composite materials such as plywood, hardwood, and even softwood.

It is suitable to be used on CNC and automatic routers as well. Whether handheld, table-mounted, or portable routers, this fit works the best. Another noticeable feature is the feed rate. You can go fast or slow, but the outcome is the same.

The Freud ⅜ “ being an up spiral bit works relatively better for debris evacuation and can be used on tables to cut matrices. You need to be careful when cutting against the grain. As you cut parallel to the grain, you can expect a smooth cut, but as soon as you try cutting against it, you might end up damaging something or harming yourself in that matter.

It can be a good choice if you are looking for regular work or just a newbie. Based on what we saw, it surely would not be the best choice for professionals.


  • Good feed rate
  • Smooth grooves and dadoes
  • Cuts fast and easy
  • Works fine with all sorts of materials


  • Need to be careful when cutting against the grain
  • Make sure to wear gloves as it is very sharp
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5. Amana Tool 45489-S Dado Cleanout Bit

The Amana tool has bits designed with ¼ inch of cutting edge for a clean dado cut out. If you are looking for bits that can be good for flooring medallions, this is the right one.

The toolset comes with a ¼-inch shank and a replacement bearing. It has 2 flutes and is made of carbide material. If you are looking for something that will help you get deeper cuts, this might not be what you are looking for.

According to customers, many of them said that the tool is perfect for finishing dado. You can use this bit for pattern work or other templates where the workpiece is thick. The bit cuts smooth and fast. It produces a beautiful smooth finish. There are double ball bearings that provide better stability.

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  • It can be used in hardwood and flooring medallions.
  • Provides the perfect clean-out dado
  • Reasonable cost
  • Double ball bearings for stability


  • Not suitable for deeper cuts.
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6. Infinity Tools Dado Router Bit

If you are looking for something versatile, then Infinity Tools Router Bit is the best fit. The Dado and Planer router bits are built to remove a good amount of material. You can easily cut wooden signs, dadoes, and rough stock using these bits. You can even flatten big pieces of wood.

The best feature of this product is the unique down shear design that will help produce smooth surfaces and the extra thick micro-grain carbide tips using which you can have multiple sharpenings from each bit.

This large 2″ bit features Infinity’s 2+2 Shear Angle Geometry – FOUR cutting edges with opposing forward/back shear angles to remove large amounts of material with the cleanest results possible. The Dado router bit is a perfect one for flattening large wood slabs.

It creates smooth surfaces, is true, but you would need to do a little bit of sanding even then. Another thing that you need to remember is to wear a mask as the blades seem to powder the wood rather than shaving it.


  • Great for flattening large surfaces
  • Precision machined for fatigue-proof steel for more strength and durability.
  • Micro-grain carbide helps provide long life and keeps it sharp
  • The silver PTFE coating facilitates easy cleaning and prevents resin buildup.
  • Down shear geometry gives clean cuts without fraying edges.


  • The bit might dull out after some usage.

7. Yonico Dado Straight Bit Undersize Plywood Bit

The Yonico Router Bits will make perfect sized Dados for different sizes of plywood such as ½”, ¼” and ¾”. The major fault in this one is the wrong labeling. For a tight fit, the measurement should be 15/32” whereas it is labeled on the box as 31/64”. It would still have been of little use if the bits were sized as labeled.

The extra gap in a joint is unsightly and provides no strength over a simple butt joint. You can go ahead with this product if you are a newbie or want these for some low household work. If the first cut is not enough, you can get a second pass. The cut you will get out of it will be smooth and clean. The good thing is these won’t cost you a fortune.

Like I said, if you don’t have to take off much wood in one go, then one pass should be enough. The router bits have a nice appearance. The router bits do not heat much when working on softer woods. So, if you are looking for some DIY projects or other little household works to do now and then, the Yonico router 3-bit set would be a great choice.


  • Straight cuts for dressed plywood
  • Micro-grain tungsten carbide blades for a long-lasting edge.
  • Silver induction brazing provides durability.


  • The actual measurement does not match the size mentioned in the label.

Router Bit for Dados – Quick Summary:

Here is a quick summary to find your choices for the dado cutting router bit.

1. Best Suited for Industrial Works: SpeTool Upcut Spiral Router Bit for Dados

“This router is placed at the top of the list. Perfect deeper cuts, smooth finish, and consistent performance makes it an ideal choice for industrial works”.

2. Best for Cutting Dados in Plywood: Whiteside 470 Router Bits

“The Whiteside router bit is exceptionally good, except that dimensions are inaccurate. It will give you a perfect fit with less heat. The right product for you at a price.”

3. Best Router bit for its versatility: Yonico 1/2″ Dado Router Bit Set

“If you are concerned about the low price, don’t be. This affordable product has some surprisingly good features. You can use it for CNC as well as handheld routers”.

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4. Best for all composite materials: Freud 3/8″(Dia.) Solid Carbide Up Spiral Bit

“The spiral bit is perfect for grooves and cuts on all kinds of materials such as hardwood, softwood, and even plywood.”

5. Tool for new patterns: Amana Tool 45489-S Dado Cleanout router Bit

“The Amana tool bit is a good choice. No doubt it is a great fit for pattern works and other templates on workpieces”.

6. Best router bit for deep cuts: Infinity Tools Dado Router Bit

“A fairly average router bit except its good feed rate. The router bit can give you the same results whether you go fast or slow”.

7. Affordable bits for newbies: Yonico Dado Straight Bit Undersize Plywood Bit

“If you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket and are looking for something just for a few DIY projects and basic work at home, then this is the right choice.”

Best Router Bit for Dados Buying Guide

Before purchasing a router bit, you should do some research and have some information about the best products that you can choose. The below points will help you choose the right product.

Type of your project

First and foremost, you need to see what kind of project you have at hand. Is it something professional, or have you got to do some basic DIY sort of work at home? The type of your project will tell you what kind of bit you will need.

If you are a newbie, you might just end up breaking the router bit, so don’t go for an expensive one. It will take some time to gain experience. A stile or rail router bit can do the job if you are building a door frame. You can even consider an edge-forming router bit.

High-speed steel or carbide

Next thing you need to decide is whether you want high-speed steel or carbide? HSS bits are made of carbon steel and have high heat resistance. It prevents them from breaking and facilitates extended usage.

Carbide router bits have a longer life than HSS ones. Carbide bits are a lot more expensive and cause a lot of damage.

Shank size

Every router bit has either ½ inch or ¼ inch of the shack. Most commonly, routers have interchangeable collets to accept different sizes.

¼-inch shanks are the most common ones, but the diameter is small, which means it will jump around more than the ½-inch shank. This will result in inadequate control and precision. ¼-inch shanks are a lot more affordable than the ½-inch ones. As the ½-inch ones are more stable, you will have better control. Though they are costly but provide high stability.


A dull bit will reduce the effectiveness of the router and may cause a burn in the material. The sharpness of a router bit shows the ability of the bit to cut through materials easily.

A dumb bit will reduce the effectiveness of the router, causing burns in material and leaving a poor finish. Every new router bit should be sharpened in the factory. It might not be visible when you purchase a new set. You can either sharpen them by yourself or take them to a professional.

Final Verdict

There is a wide range of router bits in the market. You might be a little overwhelmed with all the options you have on hand. If you are looking for bits that can help you with DIY projects and small works at home, you will want to spend a little.

Choosing the Best Router Bit for Dados was not a piece of a cakewalk. We were looking for a product that wouldn’t disappoint in cut, grooves, and dados. There was only one router bit that pulled it off.

The SpeTool up-cut spiral router bits with ½-inch shack. It is one of the best router bits, and if you are not sure about it, go and check it out. Not just us but several other reviewers have rated this as the best product. Whether it is about the quality of cut, smooth edges, good fit, minimal wooden residue, it has got it all..!!

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