7 Best Masonry Levels [Reviewed in 2021]

Try to think of it this way; you’ve moved into a new house, and the walls look bland. You tried to hang a large painting and step away. This is the moment when you realize that you messed up and the painting is crooked.

This is why you need a masonry level. But there are so many brands and models in the market for you to choose from. So which one do you even pick?

Don’t worry, we’ve shortened your choices down to a few of the best masonry levels in 2021. So now you can choose wisely.

Whether you’re planning to hang something on your wall precisely straight or you’re a professional looking for an excellent way to keep things aligned, a masonry level can help you out big time.

Top Masonry Levels Comparison Table

Product Name




Stabila 48296 Mason kit


Crick Tool 48" Crick Level


IRWIN Tools 1500W Mason's Level


Goldblatt Double View Vertical Site I-box Spirit Leve


SOLA LSB7832M Big Red Beam Level Magnetic Jamb Set


7 Best Masonry Levels Reviews

Now that you know why you need a masonry level, let’s help you choose the right pick for you with these reviews!

1. Stabila Mason Kit

Starting our list with this German son of a gun from Stabila. The Germans have always exceeded expectations when making masonry tools, and the same goes for this one. Let’s find out how this one is so special.

The entire kit is perfectly suited for a professional’s job. You get three pieces along with a well-built carrying case to keep your tools protected when you’re not using them.

They include the 48-inch dead mason level that also has a dead-blow shield. You’ll get a smaller mason level and another die-cast torpedo in the box too. That’s pretty much all you’ll need when it comes to your leveling needs.

At first glance, you won’t even realize the difference between this and any other old school masonry level. But if you’re a close observant, you won’t take more than 5 seconds to figure out the differences.

Firstly, this one from Stabila has a significantly wider frame than usual. This doesn’t only add to the aesthetics, but it also allows the entire design to be a bit more durable.

There are a lot of masonry levels that don’t come with proper calibration. But that’s not the case with the Stablila one. All the vials are locked in tight with strong epoxy so that you won’t have to tinker with the perfect calibration.

These levels are built to take extreme abuse, and they will last you for a long time. The only gripe we have with this one is that the horizontal bubble is slightly on the edge instead of the middle.


  • Highly accurate levels
  • Protective carrying case included
  • Wide frame for strength
  • Vials locked in with epoxy


  • Horizontal bubble is on the edge

2. Crick Tool Masonry Level 48 Inch Wood Level

This is one of the finest masonry levels from Crick Tool. They have made quite the name for themselves by producing some durable and value for money goodies. And this masonry level shows just that.

It’s as simple as it gets with this one. If you’re a fan of classic wood levels, you will be delighted to see the return of the classic design. It’s a three-ply level, and the green vials make the bubbles pop.

Crick Tool made sure the users wouldn’t have any trouble reading the level with this one. The readings are pretty straightforward so that it can suit your leveling needs. You’ll get just the standard 48-inch level in the box, which is the best size.

We’ve all abused our masonry levels in the past, and not all of them make it through our torture. But this one from crick Tool is built from durable and strong material so that you don’t have to buy a new one every two weeks.

If you’re thinking about getting accurate results, rest assured that this masonry level from Crick Tool is entirely precise to .015 inches, which is pretty accurate even for high-grade professional work.

But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows with this one. If you don’t take proper care of this, you will soon notice the sight glasses leaking. Don’t worry; it’s nothing a little silicone can fix.


  • High-accuracy and heavy-duty
  • Made of strong material
  • Long-lasting clear green vials
  • Perfect sized for your masonry needs


  • Sight glasses might leak with enough damage

3. IRWIN Tools Wood Mason’s Level

Now comes the wood level from IRWIN. We’ve all heard about them because of the reputation that they have built over the years. And all their products speak for themselves, including this high-quality wood level.

The best part about this is probably the fact that you can get this in numerous sizes. You can get the most common 24, 48, and 72-inch levels. And that’s not all; you can get around eight more sizes with this one too.

You think that’s it? Well, think again! IRWIN has made sure that you can get this in different configurations. They also offer magnetic and electronic beams along with the wood level. If you want a lighted box beam, you can get that too!

Let’s talk about the wood level in particular. This one has a sturdy build, and it will last you for quite a while. The laminated American Hardwood is what makes this a great catch.

Even the aluminum frame won’t give in no matter how many times you drop it. All the vials are comparatively larger than the competition, so you will have an easier time trying to read them.

If you’re a little worried about accuracy, you can breathe a sigh of relief because this one is accurate to .058-degrees. So all your work will be pretty accurate.


  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Laminated American hardwood
  • Aluminum frame
  • Extremely accurate
  • Easy to read larger vials


  • Aluminum is prone to bending

4. Goldblatt Double View Vertical Site Spirit Level

Here we have the double view spirit level from the one and only Goldblatt. You might not have heard about them, but they’re slowly gaining an advantage over the industry’s big names due to their quality products.

And the quality is carried over to this vertical masonry level that does it all! It might look like a bummer that it only comes in one variant. But the capabilities might get you excited. So stay tuned.

Goldblatt hits the shelves with their patented design that they call Verti-site. This design allows the vials to be visible from tight spaces so you can get more accurate readings.

This masonry level from Goldblatt is accurate to .029 degrees with is extremely impressive. All the edges of the level are machined to provide even surfaces and accurate leveling.

As for the vials, they might not be glass, but you don’t have to worry about them fogging up or breaking anytime soon. The central one has a proper magnification which also has a UV resistant layer. You don’t have to worry about colors fading either.

If you’re worried about the grip, don’t fret as the rubberized handles prevent any shock. They also provide impressive handling.


  • Patented Verti-site design
  • Multiple viewing angles
  • Machined edges for better leveling
  • Rubber end caps for additional grip


  • Slightly less visible in the dark

5. Stabila Classic Level Kit

Well, what do you know! Another one from Stabila. So you can probably guess by now that they make pretty high-quality stuff to be featured on this list twice. And you won’t be wrong if you think this is a top choice.

The Classic level kit from Stabila is everything you’ll ever need in your masonry leveling works. You get a standard 48-inch level along with another 24-inch one and a torpedo too. That’s not all, you’ll even get a sturdy case to carry all these.

Their type 196 frame design is loved by all and for a reason. This allows for a higher accuracy, which has been adjusted electronically.

All the glass vials are large, and you can read them. They’re consistent with their readings. It’s not abnormal to see some inconsistent readings in traditional levels, but Stabila has made sure not to let that happen.

You can rest assured that the bubbles will remain accurate for the rest of the level’s lifetime. The measuring surfaces are equipped with a machined finish to give the masonry level an extra edge over the competition.

We’ve all faced a situation where the masonry levels won’t stay in place when we’re trying to measure. Well, your days of being annoyed are over as Stabila mitigates this problem with shock-absorbing endcaps. They’re removable too.


  • Accurate level readings
  • Shock-absorbing end caps
  • Lightweight but durable frame
  • Rubberized hand grips


  • Handles get worn out over time

6. SOLA Big Red Aluminum Box Beam Level Set

Next on our list is the Big Red from SOLA. If you’re looking for a premium set of masonry levels that scream quality, this is probably the pair that you should go for. You can customize the set however you want with this one.

If you don’t prefer the magnetic beams, you can’t opt for the non-magnetic versions with ease. The best part about this set is that you can get a ton of size options. So you can pick any size between 16-inch or a 78-inch masonry level.

You’ll love the premium FOCUS vials enclosed in the acrylic blocks. They might not be glass, but they do feel like it. The contrast that they offer is unmatched, along with a high 60% magnification.

If you’re working in the dark, it’s normal to get your measurements wrong. But not with this one. The luminous strips keep the vials visible even in dark work conditions.

And if you have a history of making the wrong decisions because of your masonry level slipping away, SOLA has you covered too. With the anti-slip end caps, which are also shock-absorbing, you can position it correctly with a perfect grip.

There have been tons of incidents where the vial fluid leaks through after rough use. But the fluid in the vials of this level remains unaffected. You can even pass electricity through it, and they’ll still function properly.


  • Accurate readings
  • Durable acrylic block vials
  • Luminous strips for better visibility
  • Anti-slip endcaps for better grip


  • Lack of a handle

7. OX Tools Heavy Duty Box Level

Let’s end this on a high note with this banger. Keeping things on the perfect level has gotten so much more comfortable with a tool like this one from OX Tools. We’re about to show you why this should be your next masonry level.

Before getting into the details, let’s talk about the different sizes you can get this in. You can even opt for the 1200mm masonry level alongside the standard sizes, which is quite surprising.

When it comes to customizability, this one is on a whole new level. You can either get a magnetic beam or opt against it. If you’re not pleased, you can even go for the longer street rule version.

If you’re a professional working in the industry, you should know how annoying the parallax errors in masonry levels can get. But because of the vial viewer integrated into this one, the error is eliminated.

Sometimes the durability of these levels is a considerable concern. But you can rest assured that the air-cushioned end caps of this level will keep their shape for a long time.

A unique feature that you don’t get to see in many masonry levels is the rubber wall grips. This doesn’t only protect the tool itself, but it also keeps the surface free from accidental scratches.


  • Precise vial viewer
  • Air-cushioned end caps
  • No parallax error
  • Rubber wall grips for cleaner walls


  • No ruler on the side

How to Choose the Best Masonry Level:


This is the center of the whole operation. Masonry level is basically an accuracy guide, and it gets faulted when calibration is misleading. Epoxy-locked vial does the magic a lot of times. The level gauge must be tightly secured and precisely calibrated to a standard. The horizontal vials can also have titled options for easy view. I have seen masonry levels have more than two gauges, with some running horizontal perspectives and others providing a vertical perspective. The degree of accuracy should be way less than 0.1 on the scale.


The size of the device does not only contribute to weight; it is also very instrumental in gripping efficiency. How easy is it to hold the masonry level, and how optimal is the use? Typical length is usually around 50 inches and well over, can also be as low as 20 inches in some cases. Thickness and height are respectively essential, but it depends on the manufacturer’s decision. Grip and motion should be easy, comfortable, and direct. Some options come with handles that can prevent slips, and that is pretty good in practice.

Blow Shield

This factor can heavily decide how rugged the mason is. The shield must be strong enough to resist dead blows, from the trowel or even in general. It is highly dependent on the manufacturer’s design and how the level is structured and pieced together. The material used in construction also counts to a vast extent.

Typically, you want a masonry level that can resist constant blows. Its attribute is essential in bricklaying and building projects. Such projects can be pretty rough and tough; it should have rigidity overlook.


The whole essence of a masonry level is already compromised if it has too much weight. The size should be compact and contribute as small as possible to the weight. There is no fixed material to build the body of a masonry level with, but it should definitely not be a heavy bulk. Quite a bunch of them are made with aluminum or plastic. That is consistently optimal in conjunction with other factors that affect weight.

There are a couple of masonry levels that weigh less than 2 pounds. With such effective weight, the operation is easy, and accuracy is guaranteed. Some weigh up to 10 pounds and still deliver well, but if I can go for less, I will opt for that.


Warranty is a significant factor in the game; you just have to consider it. Many manufacturers even give a lifetime guarantee of the level’s accuracy; that’s how hot it gets. Although some manufacturers don’t offer such a warranty, you need to check if they have other factors that can make up for that. It is also possible to get the regular type of warranty; it all comes down to weighing out the options.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are mason levels?

Mason levels are precision equipment for getting the levels right when laying bricks and building works in general. They are typically longer than the levels used by carpenters, and mason levels are expected to be tougher.

2. What does a mason level do?

Mason levels are primarily to guide the alignment of bricks and building materials. The gauge is a determinant of how straight an arrangement is. Aligning concrete blocks, bricks, and even natural stones are not just done by eye judgment. Fundamentally, building structures mostly involve rectangles and squares, in combination with a few other shapes. The stability of buildings heavily banks on those beams and columns being parallel to each other. To achieve that, the work of mason levels cannot be understated.

3. How to use a mason level?

Masonry level is a hand-held device and manually operated. You can use the mason level in different ways; it applies directionally or as a correction. The application is basically by placing the mason level on the surface being worked on. The gauge then gives you an optimal review of balance, telling you the degree of horizontal straightness or vertical as the case may be. Levels are majorly for horizontal analyses, while plumbs are mainly for vertical analyses. Regardless, some mason levels have spirit gauges that go both ways.

Final Words

Getting the best out of a masonry level can be challenging if you don’t have the perfect tools with you. But we’ve got you covered with a few of the best masonry levels that you can buy. All of them are pretty great choices for you.

Every one of them has unique quirks and features. And if you’re looking to make the most out of your work, you can go for any one of them. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with your purchase.

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