What Size Air Filtration System Do You Need in Your Shop?

One of the most important aspects of any workshop is air filtration. It’s not just about making sure your shop smells good, it’s also about protecting you from harmful chemicals and dust particles that can damage your health.

But what size air filtration system should you install? The answer depends on the size of your woodshop and its room dimensions. Plus, how many people are working in your shop and what types of work they do in the workshop.

What Size Air Filtration System for Shop

This article will give you some helpful pointers on what size system is best for your space. So that you can understand and make an informed decision about which one is right for your needs.

What Size Air Filtration System for Shop

There are a number of variables to consider before choosing the appropriate air filtration system for your working area. We’ll go through it one by one, so stay with us!

Type of Work

The size and capacity of the filtering system will vary depending on the type of work done in the workshop. You’ll also need to consider how much air it needs to filter in a specific time period.

For example, a small store that is frequently used for cutting and sanding wood requires a highly efficient air filter that can clean the air 7-10 times each hour. However, if there is only light work done with hand tools and no sanding or grinding then just a basic and inexpensive system will be sufficient.

So, when you calculate the required CFM for your shop; consider this fact. Otherwise, you won’t have an accurate result.

Doorways and Ceilings

Another important factor to consider when choosing an air filtration system for your woodshop is the doorways and other openings in the shop itself.

If there are lots of open spaces where air can escape, then you will need to account for this loss when calculating the size of the air filtration system you need for your shop.

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For example, if there is a doorway that leads directly outside of your woodshop then you will want to compensate by having an air filtration system that can handle at least 50% more cubic feet per minute (CFM) than what would be required for the size of your shop.

This is because you want to make sure that the air filtration system has enough power for all openings in your woodshop, even ones where there may be losses like windows and doors.

If you don’t compensate for these factors then your airflow will not meet expectations and it will reduce efficiency.

How to Determine?

To figure out the size of the air filtering system, first multiply the width, length, and height of your woodshop. The answer of multiple will be the cubic feet volume of your shop.

Then the calculation process depends on your needs. Air filters can generally be capable of filtering the air of a woodshop within 7.5 to 12 minutes, depending on the type and size of the shop.

So, if you want to clean your woodshop in 8 minutes, divide the total cubic feet volume of your shop by 8. The answer will be the number of cubic feet per minute required for your shop.

For example, let’s assume you own a woodworking shop with 20 feet in length, 15 feet in width, and 10 feet in ceiling height. As a result, the cubic feet volume of your shop is 20 x 15 x 10 = 3000; and the number of CFM required for your woodshop is 3000/8 = 375.

Make sure that all openings in your woodshop are accounted for when calculating the CFM rating needed for an air filtration system.

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The CFM is an acronym that stands for cubic feet per minute, this measure defines how much air moves past a certain area per minute. The larger the CFM, the more air it will be able to filter in a given time period.

An air filtration system CFM rating is very important when it comes to determining the size of the air filtration system that you need in your shop. Air filtration systems with higher CFM ratings will remove more airborne particles from the air.

On the other side, air filters with lower CFM ratings may not be able to effectively clean the air in rooms that are larger or in environments where there is a lot of dust, dirt, and pollen floating through the air.

So, choose your air filter size wisely. If you are still not sure about the size of your shop air filtration system or can’t compute the CFM rating, it may be helpful to contact a professional contractor.

Noise Level

Do not buy a high CFM air filter if you don’t need it because a higher CFM air filter generates more noise that becomes audible in a small shop. A small shop will require a smaller air filtration system than a large shop.

You don’t want to create another pollution by eliminating one type of pollution. It is important to have the right size air filtration system for your shop so that you have adequate airflow.

Additional Consideration

Speed Settings

Make sure the woodshop air filter that you choose comes with a variety of speed settings before purchasing it. The majority of optimum air purifiers have multiple speed settings which allow you to pick the operation that is appropriate for the scenario.

Air filtration systems designed for larger spaces should have a built-in damper so it can easily control airflow and reduce energy use when needed.

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Determine the Size Perfectly

It’s important that the air filter is large enough for all open spaces where you will be using machines like miter saws, jigsaws, and other types of saws or drills which produce a lot of dust and particles in the air.

Remember, too much airflow will cause the media to wear out too quickly, but too little can result in particulates that are not removed from the air.

Room Size of the Shop

The air filter needs to be appropriate for the size of your woodshop.

An air filtration system with a CFM of 400 is enough to clean the air of a standard-size woodshop. However, if you have a large shop or high ceilings then having a higher capacity filter like one with a CFM of 550 or above will be necessary to clean the air quickly.

You may want an air filtration system with a higher CFM to remove the contaminants from your shop more efficiently, therefore you want to make sure that the air filtration system is large enough for your size of the room.

Make sure it has a high enough capacity to filter the particles from all of the places in your shop, like corners or doorways where air may escape.

Wrap Up!

We hope this article helps you determine – what size air filtration system for woodshop.

You have to consider several factors before choosing the perfect air filtration system for your shop. It’s important that all of these factors be considered when choosing a size, no matter what type of machine you use or where it places.

If possible, make sure there are no openings leading outside either because this would reduce efficiency and prevent the air filtration system from working as effectively. That’s all for today, have a nice day!

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